davidl on June 8th, 2020

Learn to code, if not A, then?  More to the point, if not the current Minneapolis Police Department then what, or if not your current PD then what.  There is no point in abolishing A unless have B that is better. CAMEROTA: "What if in the middle of the night my home is broken into. […]

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Eric Florack on June 8th, 2020

This was found as a response in a discussion being waged elsewhere oh, and it was obviously copied from quora so I will simply box it up and ship it along. It is more than worth the read…indeed, it speaks directly to points I’ve been making the last week or two and is too good […]

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davidl on June 8th, 2020

News flash, vigilantes patrol in People’s Republic of Chicago, and Comrade Mayor, Lori Lightfoot is not a happy camper, from Hill, via PJ Media: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) this week condemned vigilantism after groups of predominantly white men were seen patrolling the streets with bats amid ongoing protests against racism and police brutality. “It […]

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