Eric Florack on April 16th, 2018

Yeah. Unexpectedly. Buddy Ed Morrissey notes: A new poll from ABC and the Washington Post puts the two parties close to a virtual dead head in the generic congressional ballot: With the Republicans’ House majority at risk, 47 percent of registered voters say they prefer the Democratic candidate in their district, while 43 percent favor […]

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Eric Florack on April 16th, 2018

Is ABC News wanted to give an unbiased interview as regards James Comey, why in the world would they let George Stephanopoulos run the interview? After all, this is a guy whose career was started for the purpose of convincing the entire world that the Clinton’s were honest honorable and Law abiding.

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davidl on April 16th, 2018

I suppose that Starbucks could have just blamed it on the Tooth Fairy, and then fired her. However, even a social justice warrior know the Tooth Fairy is an imaginary character So Starbucks invented the next best thing, imaginary bias: from Johnson said managers will now receive training on “unconscious bias.” “The circumstances surrounding […]

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Eric Florack on April 16th, 2018

Ponder the idea that had Obama’s actions as regards to Assad and his chemical weapons program had actually worked as he claimed, there wouldn’t have been a chemical weapons facility for France and the US to bomb. Funny how nobody in the Press has mentioned this. Now, consider that the people who told us that […]

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When even Lanny Davis has it nailed, you’re done.

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