One Derrick Johnson,  President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of [Liberal] Colored People is calling for a nation confiscation of guns, from Joe Simonson, Daily Caller:

“Given the disproportionate damage gun violence is having on our communities, the NAACP has advocated for sane, sensible laws, to help eliminate or at least to decrease the damage and death caused by gun violence. Requiring universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers, banning military-style, semi-automatic assault guns, enacting tough, new criminal penalties for straw purchasers and gun traffickers, and allowing the Center for Disease Control to research gun violence as a major public health issue are just a few of the reasonable steps lawmakers could take to stem the tide of gun-related deaths in neighborhoods across the nation,” Johnson wrote.

Mr. Johnson should note these statistics, from the Washington Post:

Oct 24, 2017 – The most recent data available from the FBI (which is for 2015) indicates that 89.3 percent of black murder victims that year were killed by black perpetrators.

I propose a deal with Mr. Johnson. Given that the number of legal firearms greatly exceeds the number of young black males, instead of locking up law abiding guns, just lock up all young black males. So what if my plan shreds the Constitution, but no more so than yours.

Granting locking up all young black males greatly offends the Constitution, but no more so that  Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of all Americans of Japanese decent.

Aside to Mr. Simonson, the NAA[L]CP is not the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.   The National Rifle Association is.

One Response to “NAA[L]P Calls for National Gun Confiscation”

  1. There is a take away from all of this however. So long time let’s been saying they didn’t want to take our guns. Simply reasonable restrictions.

    Apparently our not believing them was justified