davidl on April 1st, 2020

Surprise President Donald J. Trump knows supply chain management, and more specially Just in Time(JIT).  Evidently, JIT is something not taught in either political science classes or journalism school, from Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

[Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont]”It was disturbing today to find out that the national strategic stockpile is now empty. We did get 50 ventilators, for which I am very thankful,” Governor Lamont said. “For now we are on our own. For now, we are doing the best to scour the globe for PPE (personal protective equipment) as best we can.”

This, it turns out, was not true. President Trump was asked about Lamont’s claim during the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, and he explained what’s really happening.

“It’s not emptied, let me explain something. What we’re doing […] rather than having it brought into the stockpile, where appropriate […] we’re trying to have supplies sent directly to the states,” Trump explained. “Because we don’t want medical supplies coming into warehouses all over the place and then we take them from there and bring them to another warehouse. So we’re having them brought, ideally, from the manufacturer directly to the hospital or the state where it’s going.”

Memo to Governor Lamont, the ‘Seventies just called, and they want their philosophy back.

davidl on March 31st, 2020

As Will Rogers once said, a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a recession is when you lose yours.  The media is moving to recession:

As the Press Begins Laying Off “Journalists,” Suddenly “Journalists” Discover That There Is an Actual Cost to Economic Shutdown

Hat tip and more: Ace

davidl on March 30th, 2020

New York and Rhode Island two states: two democrat governors, Andrew “Fredo II” Cuomo and Gina Raimondo with only one set of balls. The states share a common problem, the spread of the Chinese Wuflu virus New York is exporting it and Rhode Island is importing it. However only Rhode Island seems give a darn about slowing the spread of the disease. Fredo whines about the constitutionality and legality of Governor Raimondo response’s, calling it an act of war. Infected person’s crossing border carrying a fatal disease is an act of war.

Governor Fredo lacks the legal and practical ability to seal New York’s many borders. However, Fredo is obligated to make a good faith effort to stop the export of the virus. New York City is the domestic epicenter of the virus. Yet Fredo continues to allow Bill de Blasio to fiddle while New York City burns.

from PJ Media:

Cuomo didn’t say on what grounds he would sue Rhode Island, although I’m sure the commerce clause would come into play. But you can see Governor Raimondo’s frustration. Thousands of Typhoid Mary’s are coming into the state refusing to follow the 14-day quarantine rule. Meanwhile, her citizens are getting sick and Cuomo is apparently saying it’s better to appear positive than “reactionary.”

Political correctness was a large part of the problem with the spread of the Chinese Wuflu virus. Yet Fredo is more worried about labels than controlling the spread of disease.

davidl on March 30th, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties, what ever they may have been, and wore out their welcome in Canada.  Don’t know what Kate has to say about this.  However the less than fully royal couple has moved to California, but still seem to want their royal welfare, paid security, from American Thinker:

It was no surprise, therefore, when the couple was first looking about for a place to relocate after quitting the royal family, that Meghan told her friends that the U.S. was a non-starter as long as Trump was in the White House:

That promise had a short shelf life. It turns out that the lure of home (Markle grew up in Los Angeles) and Hollywood was too strong. The ex-royals have moved to Hollywood – a decision that might have been driven by Canada’s refusal to fund their security needs.

On Sunday, Trump made it clear that American taxpayers also won’t be paying for the ex-royals’ security needs.

From President Donny Donald J. Trump:

I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

Harry oncer flew the Queen’s helicopter.  Maybe he can get a pilot’s job somewhere.

davidl on March 29th, 2020

Commodities are fungible, have multiple uses. This includes Ethanol, to wit unaged whiskey. In addition to being a raw material for sipping whiskey, it can be used has hand sanitizer and more motor fuel. In the midst of the Chinese Wuflu pandemic, we need more of the former and less of the latter.

So I suggest federal government waive some the requirement to use ethanol and direct its use for medical purposes. We have the authority, from Watts Up with That:

There is considerable pressure being applied on the government to increase the ethanol mandate and blend more ethanol in our gasoline. But, the technical problems with this action and the risks to engines have prevented this from happening. The statutory volume requirements have not been met since 2013 (Congressional Research Service 2019). The EPA has the authority to waive the statutory requirements and has used this authority. Technology cannot be legislated, whether it is E15 gasoline or switchgrass cellulosic ethanol. According to the Congressional Research Service:

We have the ability to end our self made shortage of hand sanitizer. Using ethanol to kill the Wuflu virus will save lives. Let us do it.

davidl on March 28th, 2020

I am not clear if the proposal is referring to all of New York State or just New York City, from John Solomon, Just the News:

[President Donald Trump] “We’d like to see New York [City?] quarantined because it’s a hotspot — New York, New Jersey, maybe one or two other places, certain parts of Connecticut quarantined,” Trump said as he departed the White House.

Maybe POTUS can insure that the National Guard can detain New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and escort him to his quarantine facility?  No New York politician has done more to spread the Chinese Wuflu virus than de Mayor.

davidl on March 26th, 2020


Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.

Auric Goldfinger

Sadly Mr. Goldfinger did not communicate to me the appropriate rule for five related actions.

The presumption democrat candidate for President, Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – Delaware} has been accused by several women of inappropriate sexual contact.  So far no allegation of B.J. Clinton style assault, or below the belt description of Slow Joe’s anatomy.  However, given that Joe Slow seem fond of molesting women and children in public, I would hesitate to believe that manner got better in less public setting, by Alan Riquelmy:

Reade is the most recent woman to publicly share her story about uncomfortable encounters with Biden. Time.com states former Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores told her story last week. Flores said Biden approached her at a 2014 campaign rally and kissed the back of her head. A second woman, Amy Lappos, said Biden touched her face and rubbed noses with her at a 2009 fundraiser.

Caitlyn Caruso said Biden put his hand on her thigh and hugged her at a university event. D.J. Hill said Biden in 2012 touched her shoulder before moving his hand down her back.

Other women have defended Biden in the wake of recent allegations against him

We have five women who have come forward.  I suspect if there are more, the Trump campaign will find them and have all them on the front row of all debates.

davidl on March 26th, 2020

Hat tip and BSWK: Victoria Taft, PJ Media.

davidl on March 25th, 2020

Maybe some ‘rats believe it more advantageous for a voter to die than be saved by a republican, from Fox News:

[Nevada Governor Steve] Sisolak, a Democrat, issued an executive order Tuesday prohibiting prescriptions of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients after the president mentioned the two drugs during a press briefing.

“While the two drugs have necessary medical purposes, there is no conclusive evidence at this time among COVID-19 experts or Nevada’s own medical health advisory team that the drugs provide treatment for COVID-19 patients,” Sisolak said in a statement.

Mean while back in the world of the sane Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, from Beitbart:

Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option. You want to give them hope. In fact, for physicians in this country, these drugs are approved drugs for other reasons. They’re anti-malaria drugs and they’re drugs against certain autoimmune diseases, like lupus. Physicians throughout the country can prescribe that in an off-label way. Which means they can write it for something it was not originally approved for. People do that all the time, and it really is an individual choice between the physician and his or her patient as to whether or not they want to do that.

While Sisolak is right that the chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have not be proven one hundred percent effective is curing Wuflu, it demonstrated fact that Wuflu does kill, and anti-Malaria drug are both safe and effective treatments.  How many residents of Nevada is governor Sislolak willing to let die?

The federal government, headed by President Donald J. Trump, also recommend that we all wash our hands.  I suppose Sisolak favors keeping his dirty, like his politics.

Eric Florack on March 24th, 2020

Joel Kotkin says in part:

Ever since classical times, pandemics have tended to be especially tough on large, dense urban areas. A look at a map of COVID-19 infections, reveals that the vast majority of cases have occurred in dense cities, like Wuhan, and later on around Milan, and, to a lesser extent, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston. In contrast there has been very little incidence in vast middle of country and particularly more rural areas, which benefit from less crowding and unwanted human contact, which now may be even more attractive to urban workers.

Well well, what do you know…

I’ve said it here for years, most effective way to get liberals out of governmental power is to enact liberal policy and wait for the backlash.

Eric Florack on March 24th, 2020

So Nancy Pelosi has finally thrown in the towel on… Well, let’s let Powerline do this one…à

Nancy Pelosi has thrown in the towel on her attempt to misuse the Wuhan virus epidemic to sneak partisan legislation that has never been able to make it through Congress into law.

Unfortunately, that (correct) assessment is not one being reflected in the supposed mainstream news media… Not that I would expect that to happen. Once again, the news media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

As John suggests, the polling data must have been atrocious for them to back off that quickly.

And you know who hasn’t made any comments about this at all? Joe Biden. Apparently, his handlers recognize the minefield that Nancy was strolling through with Chuckles and told Joe to keep himself out of that situation entirely.

davidl on March 24th, 2020

To get something done, anything done, you need to do one of three things, to wit: lead, follow or get out of the way. Too much of the government is dedicated to option four, obstruction. In the Chinese Wuflu pandemic no alleged public servants have done more damage than the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, from Red State:

At the center of just about every delay and misstep in this sorry saga, one does not find politicians or even political appointees, rather one finds the incompetent, turf-conscious, implacable bureaucrats in two of the agencies directly responsible for public health: the CDC and the FDA. In particular, the FDA seems to be at ground zero as a lackadaisical workforce used to being kowtowed to by Pharma and the medical device industry suddenly found itself under intense pressure to at least pretend it cared about what it was supposed to be doing.

More from Red State: :

The most important point the doctors make is that we don’t have the luxury of time. There are currently larger studies being conducted, but the results won’t be available for weeks. They explain, “We have a drug with an excellent safety profile but limited clinical outcomes—and no better alternatives until long after this disaster peaks. We can use this treatment to help save lives and prevent others from becoming infected. Or we can wait several weeks and risk discovering we didn’t do everything we could to end this pandemic as quickly as possible.” It will also help contain the spread of the disease.

We have drugs used for decades, with a manageable set of side effects, a disease which can kill in a matter of days and a government bureaucracy demanding studies which can take months, if not years.  At least Comrade Bernie could pine about the Chinese solution for incompetent bureaucrats, summary execution.

davidl on March 22nd, 2020

The President is fighting a two front war.  One is the battle to contain the Chinese Wuflu virus, and two, fending off the press corps, from Sister Toldjah, Red State:

[Jennifer] Rubin has moved on to even more important matters – like calling for a 9/11-style commission to investigate who knew what, when, and where about the Wuhan coranavirus. She even wrote a column about it.[…]

Let’s recap: China destroyed evidence about the virus in its early stages, and could have possibly saved thousands of lives and spared hundreds of thousands more people all over the world from getting sick in the first place had they acted on it immediately instead of trying to cover it up.

The World Health Organization ran interference for them the entire time.

If Ms. Rubin wants “answers” she can start with China and their propaganda arm at the WHO.

We don’t need a Nine Eleven style commission is where the Chinese Wuflu started, and why is spread. We already know that. What we the people need to know is why the lame stream media is acting like a paid propaganda organ of the Chi-Com regime.

The media has been infected with Quislings.  We need an investigation, not by the government.  We don’t need to provide the Quislings with an excuse to invoke the First Amendment.  We need a private commission of some sort to determine from where Quislings got their propaganda.  Why they spread it, and what they received for whoring services.  Let Rubin be the first Quisling to testify.

Eric Florack on March 21st, 2020

Read this:

We have hundreds of thousands of churches and businesses and schools across America that are closed now. Many of them will not re-open. They didn’t fail because of some flaw within them or because their model didn’t work. They failed, or will fail, because of a tyrannical system beyond our shores that lied to the whole world. America’s churches and businesses and schools are closed because, on the other side of the world, China’s amoral dictators failed to be a normal nation and do the right thing. They lied out of their paranoid obsession with power. In America, we can make fun of Trump, call him names and mock whoever we want and find others who will laugh with us.

In China, merely displaying a cartoon of Winnie the Pooh — because of his resemblance to dictator Xi — risks imprisonment. Should we do business with such a thin-skinned despot?

For for my part, I say no. It is time to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for all of this and more.

And speaking of paranoid obsession with power, does it sound for all the world like a political party here in these beleaguered United States?

davidl on March 21st, 2020

The Snark of the Day, from Kate, Small Dead Animals:

A government that runs a thriving market in selling the organs of executed political prisoners is in no position to hide behind political correctness – but if we’ve learned anything in the last few decades, it’s never underestimate the American media’s willingness to run interference for China.

Kate has more at her link.