davidl on February 26th, 2020

It has been said that while God made Man, it was Colonel Colt who made them, to include women and minorities, equal, from Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon:

The leader of a gun-control group decried efforts to sell firearms to minorities and women as “incredibly dangerous” on Monday.

“Gun makers are softening their image to ‘put a better face in front of people’ & ‘ramp up its appeal to women, children and members of minority groups,'” Igor Volsky, executive director of gun-control activist group Guns Down America, said in a tweet. Volsky, who is also a former vice president of the Center for American Progress, was commenting on a New York Times story about firearms marketing.[…] This is incredibly dangerous.”

Aside from wanting to Harvey Weinstien a women, why is any more dangerous for a women to be carrying? Counterpoint:

“The overt racism of gun control rears its ugly head again,” [Maj Toure, head of the Black Guns Matter] said. “Imagine being either so uninformed on the racist roots of gun control or so full of yourself that you would not only think but also believe that melinated Americans owning guns would be incredibly dangerous. I wonder what he thinks of the thousands of melinated law enforcement officers and military personnel that carry firearms to protect life as well?”

The old Lynching method was to have the local sheriff’s department show up in daylight and in uniform to disarm local blacks. Then to show up in darkness and in sheets to Lynch the same blacks.

Eric Florack on February 26th, 2020

# Funny thing…. With this Kung Flu thing spreading, I haven’t heard many people championing open borders.

# Speaking of which, I see the Democrats are complaining that the CDC is underfunded, and that the Trump Administration doesn’t have a plan for dealing with the virus. First of all that’s what we pay the CDC for, to the tune of 20 billion dollars in 2019. if you think 20 billion dollars a year is underfunded, you might be a Democrat.

# Give Kung Flu credit for one thing. President Trump has been trying to convince manufacturers to separate themselves from communist China as a supply chain. Single sourcing is simply put, stupid. The virus has managed to put an exclamation point on all of that.

# Last night’s Democrat primary dog and pony show was a laugh riot. Joe Biden was his usual reality- disconnect itself, for one thing, claiming that he had worked with a Chinese diplomat on the climate change proposals, but the fact check showed that he had died some ten years before that. He also claimed that half of America had died from gun violence. Well, I suppose there’s precedent there…does anyone remember Hillary Clinton claiming that she’d been working with Eleanor Roosevelt?

# I figure it’s a matter of time before one of the other Democrats decides to start using Randy Newman’s song “short people”as campaign music. Mini- Mike was unavailable for comment.

# The most obvious fact about the Democrats proclaiming their support for gun control is that they plan to do something with governmental power that you would want to shoot them for.

# We’ve been seeing complaints from the Democrats about the lack of civility, and the complaints of all been directed at Trump and his supporters. Well, anyone who watch last night’s supposed debate, should be able to easily see where the lack of civility is coming from. It looked … And sounded… for all the world like a schoolyard brawl.

davidl on February 25th, 2020

The pseudo-political movement that never was, Never Trump, finds out that it never, and does not, matter, from Julie Kelly, American Greatness:

The Republican Party doesn’t want them back—ever. The Democrats have used them up and are sending them home on a social media walk of shame. The only question now is whether corporate media will finally wisen up to the fact that NeverTrump’s usefulness is over and if they are prepared to fill those spots with legitimate Trump-backing Republicans who represent at least half the country.

My guess, despite the current criticism, is no.

To the members of the Bill Kristol Marching Society and Glee Club, the lamer streamer neither wanted nor valued your thoughts and idea.  Your only role was sing off the preapproved sheet music.

If  you had been of the belief that the State Department(Swampy Bottom) mission was to protect our nation interest,  boy are you wrong, from Leslie Eastman, Legal Insurrection:

Trump furious Americans infected with coronavirus flown back to U.S. with healthy passengers

A new report indicates that President Trump was angry that 14 Americans infected with the coronavirus returned to the United States rather than remain in quarantine overseas.

The President should be mad. The State Department’s willful neglect of duty, and rank insubordination, is akin to the late Senator Oldsmobile driving a bus over the Chappaquiddick bridge. I say, immediately fire the responsible Swampy Bottom creature, arrest them and charge them with attempted murder. Up grade if any of their victims, the previously healthy Americans, die.

Trump had been briefed that the healthy U.S. passengers who spent weeks quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan would be allowed to fly home on two chartered planes — while those who were sick or infected would stay in Japan to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

The president became “furious” with senior advisers after learning the 14 Americans who tested positive had been put on a plane with healthy passengers, according to The Washington Post. One official told the paper that the failure to inform Trump of the decision in advance of the plane’s departure was a “big operational mistake.”

Eric Florack on February 21st, 2020

Well that’s the story, anyway:

U.S. officials have told Sen. Bernie Sanders that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, according to people familiar with the matter.

There’s one or two possibilities here.

The FBI is telling the truth for a change and Russia actually does want their fellow socialist elected to the White House.


This is Clinton/Obama loyalists within the FBI, and one of them finally got the message that Sanders being nominated is a death knell for the Democrat Party.

And no, I have no idea which is the more likely at the moment.

Eric Florack on February 20th, 2020

The Obama presidency, and the result of Obama policy, and the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton , their collective corruption, were toxic to the majority of the Democrat Party. That’s being proven as we watch the 2020 campaign unfold.

I said two years ago that anyone who made it past the Democratic party nomination process was going to end up with their backsides up around their ear lobes in the general election. That was well demonstrated last night.

There is no one of the creatures on the stage last night that has a snowball’s chance of being elected president of the United States. Thank God for small favors.

One can’t get over the feeling that had Hillary Clinton won, that toxicity would have been spreading through the federal government even faster than it had been before that. As it is, the White House is fighting that corruption, not fostering it.

And lifelong Democrats are finding themselves without a choice but to ditch the party that has gone so very bad on them.

Eric Florack on February 19th, 2020

Steve Kruiser at PJM observes the Democrats bending over forward to accommodate Mini-Mike, and says:

Michael Bloomberg, the former seventy-two-term mayor/dictator of New York City, has encountered a new, seemingly unbeatable foe as he rises in the polls: his past.

Even his recent past, as Steve explains, and then goes on from there:

At the rate things are going this week, Bloomberg may yet emerge as the most awful person in a field of remarkably awful people. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know if any video is found of him complaining about nursing homes being a waste of real estate and advocating for their inhabitants to be euthanized en masse.

It was just three short years ago that the Democrats were all a fluster about the concept of a multi-millionaire being the president of the United States and that there was no connection between him and the American voter. Of course they’ve been wrong about that, not that they’ve given up that misbegotten notion…until of course Bloomberg came along and now suddenly a multi-millionaire from New York City is fully connected to the American people, if you listen to the Democrat establishment.

That kind of a flip-flop doesn’t happen without a reason…. And the reason is certainly simple enough:

Granted that the Democrats never follow the rules in any event, even when the rules are their own rules… but in this case their bending of the rules to allow him on the debate stage is indicative that they finally come to the conclusion that everybody else already understood….

Not a single one of the band of idiots currently leading the pack for the Democratic nomination has a snowball’s chance in the general election.

Mini-Mike hasn’t got a shot either, of course, but in their desperation the Democrat Party hasn’t figured that one out yet, or if they have, they certainly won’t mention it to you.

Else they figure, bad as he is he’s got a better shot than any of the band of idiots taking up the remainder of the stage, tonight.

So suddenly the Democrats are just hunky and dory with money in politics.

Eric Florack on February 19th, 2020

davidl on February 17th, 2020

Iran is the enemy of the United States, and has been for some forty years.  Some senators pretend to oppose efforts undermind our, the President’s, foreign policy:

“Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period – may be illegal and must be taken seriously,”

Then others only pretend to oppose attempting to sabatoge our foreign policy, from’Mollie Hemmingway, Federalist:

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and other Democratic senators had a secret meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during the Munich Security Conference last week, according to a source briefed by the French delegation to the conference. Murphy’s office did not respond to repeated requests for comment by press time.

Such a meeting would mean Murphy had done the type of secret coordination with foreign leaders to potentially undermine the U.S. government that he accused Trump officials of doing as they prepared for Trump’s administration. In February 2017, Murphy demanded investigations of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn because he had a phone call with his counterpart-to-be in Russia.

“Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period – may be illegal and must be taken seriously,” Murphy said in 2017 after anonymous leaks of Flynn’s phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kisylak were published. He also strongly criticized the open letter some Republican senators sent Iranian leaders during the Obama administration’s campaign for a nuclear agreement.

Senator Murphy appears to guilty of with what the deep state set up to ensnare Lt. General Flynn.  Except of course that LTG Flynn was operating under the authority of the incoming President.

davidl on February 16th, 2020

Michael Avenatti the media’s golden boy is now a convicted felon.  Watch the media slobber all over Avenaitti, video:

This was not quite a parade of Nina Burleigh, but close. How many shallowed?

Eric Florack on February 16th, 2020

So, Lindsey Graham’s come to the same conclusion that I did some time ago:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is predicting that if the Democrats are unable to secure an early nomination for the presidency, it will lead to the demise of the party as it has been historically known.

“You’re seeing the demise of the Democratic Party that your grandfather and grandmother knew,” Graham told Fox News on Tuesday.

Graham argued with different Democrats winning in each early contest, it will make it hard for the Democrats to quickly nominate a candidate at their convention. “If you can’t find a nomination on the first round of voting, the Democratic Party as we know it is going to completely implode,” Graham reasoned.

All I can say is welcome to the party, Lindsay.

Eric Florack on February 14th, 2020

I said the other day that we were looking at the end of the Democrat Party.

Rich Lowry writes this morning:

The Democratic Party could soon be taken over by a leftist who has never formally been a member (even if he signed a pledge to govern as a Democrat should he make it to the White House).
If it’s any consolation to Democrats, it’s a version of the same wrenching dislocation that has beset the center-left throughout the Western world.

One reason Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination is entirely imaginable is that it wouldn’t be a freakish occurrence outside the experience of other advanced democracies. In fact, it would be entirely consistent with the travails of traditional center-left parties from France to Sweden.

Sanders bears the closest resemblance to his equally aged and disheveled ideological cousin from the United Kingdom — Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Lowry echoes my thought that this is a worldwide phenomenon.

What’s important however, is that Lowry confirms the suspicion I’ve had for some time, that this move of the Democrat Party here in the US, is towards its own destruction:

Seen from a broader perspective, Sanders doesn’t represent a revolution so much as a lagging indicator — indeed, the British Labour party has already been there, done that.


Sanders bears the closest resemblance to his equally aged and disheveled ideological cousin from the United Kingdom — Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

With Boris Johnson overwhelmingly defeating Jeremy Corbyn I think it’s fairly easy to determine what lies down that path for the left in this country.

While some will point to mini Mike Bloomberg as the answer to these foibles, I suggest the idea of electing another multi-billionaire to the White House is not going to fly with most of the extreme left, and the rest of us aren’t going to put up with his long long record of dictatorial ways. He he isn’t going to fly with either Republicans or with Independents.

Similarly, the Democrat party’s establishment choice, Joe Biden is creating about as much electoral excitement as watching paint dry. After two abysmal performances in the first two primaries… Well…

Let’s just say that it must be a real disappointment having your butt kicked buy an old communist, a gay guy, and a fake Indian. In short, Joe Biden got beat by the Village People.

Bottom line: The Democratic Party stands absolutely no chance for the next couple of elections, at least. America has always been a center-right country, certainly to a greater degree than the United Kingdom and yet look what happened in the United Kingdom.

Personally I’m making popcorn because the desperation we’re seeing out of the Democrats right now is why they’re acting as bat- dropping crazy as they are. It’s called desperation, folks.

Eric Florack on February 12th, 2020

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Bernie Sanders wins in New Hampshire. Also to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Joe Biden, the Establishment Democrat candidate, comes in at least 5th and probably sixth if the trends I’m seeing hold.

Let’s examine what’s going on here.

There is a rebellion against establishment politics that is nothing short of worldwide now, as I have suggested previously. Now, this also is happening within these United States and within both of its major political parties.

In this case, that means that the establishment picked candidate, Joe Biden goes down in the in a ball of fire that makes the Hindenburg look like a Zippo.

Before this happened, before any of the votes were counted last night, Joe Biden’s people were out there, talking about how if Biden didn’t pull this one out, it was a doomsday scenario for the Democrats.

Biden’s people have that one right, at least…. they know that anything being produced by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party is never going to make it is a general election. It’s just not going to happen.

Let me explain it this way. Joe Biden is on record as saying that Mickey Mouse would have a reasonable shot against Donald Trump. I will be generous and call that idea arguable, but will also stay flatly that there isn’t a one of the democratic candidates that rises to the level of Mickey Mouse.

Remember my friends, it’s not just the establishment of the parties that are being rebelled against but the concept of big government itself.

The Democrat Party primary is being driven by the extreme left-wing of the party. That simply isn’t going to fly with the majority of the American people, particularly after the successes of the last several years. It’s just not going to happen.

The destruction of the Democratic Party is already well underway, and was pushed several miles down the road last night by the specter of an openly communist candidate winning in the “Live Free or Die” state. Anyone outside the Democratic party (and a good number of people inside it) are recoiling in horror at that image, and I’m telling you right now the Democrats won’t survive it.

Eric Florack on February 11th, 2020
Matt Margolis makes mention of the Oscars the other night and the fact that Obama’s “Higher Ground Productions” got their participation trophy:It’s been nearly a month since we found out the Netflix documentary “produced” by Barack and Michelle Obama, American Factory, was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

Look, it shouldn’t surprise anybody at all the Obamas got this award. Let’s remember this is the guy that won the Nobel Peace prize without having accomplished anything at all. To this day nobody has ever been able to explain why the man was worthy of such an award.

I’ll tell you right now, the guy could produce a film with nothing but a white screen and could claim that the film was about polar bears in a blinding snowstorm, and he’d win an award for it.
Now, if Donald Trump were to do that he’d be laughed out of the joint with about half the people saying that it was a white screen because Donald Trump is racist
… but because Obama is attached to this piece of garbage, the academy goes ahead and hands out an award. It’s not just Obama, of course.Liberal political figures have found Hollywood to be very willing to bestow accolades upon them. In fact, if you look at the Grammy nominations and winners for Best Spoken Word Album, you’ll find a lot of Democrat politicians and pundits have a knack for getting recognized, while their conservative counterparts don’t even get nominated. Nominees for Best Spoken Word Album include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Franken, and Jesse Jackson. All of them won at least once. And, of course, Barack Obama has won two Grammy awards for Best Spoken Word Album, and Michelle Obama won her own Grammy a couple of weeks ago in the same category for her memoir, Becoming.Make no mistake, folks… Hollywood is not your friend.

Reports from China are not looking good… At least, the honest ones aren’t:

Chang, who authored the book “The Coming Collapse of China” claimed that local authorities have “just lost the ability to pick up corpses” due to a “breakdown in government.” “So really what we are having right now is, they are completely overwhelmed,” he added. “They are not able to keep accurate statistics. So what we are witnessing is essentially a breakdown in government and keeping accurate statistics is a very minor part of their priorities right now.”

My friends, remember this when Bernie Sanders starts talking about “free healthcare for all.”