Word has it just now that the terrorists in that incident around Paris are in custody, those that are still alive anyway. As are the hostages that were taken. That’s a fairly good outcome, certainly. But now, the French have started to ask themselves who is responsible for enabling these  cretins  in the first place. […]

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davidl on January 9th, 2015

File this under doing the right thing, from Daily Mail(UK): Two parents turned their sons over to police after recognizing them in footage of an electronics store burglary which showed a group of five teens helping themselves to stacks of cell phones and laptops. The mom and dad – who have not been named – […]

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davidl on January 9th, 2015

The Breakfast Scramble: Health  tip:   How to say healthy.  Stay away from the Happiest Place of Earth Be smart.  No commodity worth anything is ever free.    Obama wants to give away free community college education.   But what is Obama’s asking price? Will anybody even know she will have gone?  Bye-Byes Babs John Hinderaker takes Doctor […]

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