davidl on November 21st, 2013

The ‘rate flee from the term Obama Care, but can they hide, video: Hat tip, JohnW, Ace of Spades.

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davidl on November 21st, 2013

The fiction of anthropogenic global climate change is meeting strong resistance, from Greg Rucker, National Review: Poland is the host country for COP 19. With Australia blocking treasured warming-left initiatives, Russia formally calling into question the fairness of the entire UN process and Poland scheduling a coal conference and firing its environment minister in the […]

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on hia favorite subject, from CNN: “I don’t feel like I have any fence-mending to do or anything like that,” he said during a public interview on Monday at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington. “I am going to be me. And if I ever decide to run […]

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davidl on November 19th, 2013

Don’t try this at home, unless your last name is Kennedy

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davidl on November 18th, 2013

Commissar of Education may have stuck his foot in his mouth, via the Washington Post: Education Secretary Arne Duncan told an audience of state superintendents this afternoon that the Education Department and other Common Core supporters didn’t fully anticipate the effect the standards would have once implemented. “It’s fascinating to me that some of the […]

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A new Roll of Shame, Twenty Seven ‘rat senators who lied about Obama Care: SEN. HARRY REID (D-Nev.): “In fact, one of our core principles is that if you like the health care you have, you can keep it.” (Sen. Reid, Congressional Record, S.8642, 8/3/09) Byron York, Washington Examiner has the full list, with quotes.

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davidl on November 17th, 2013

From the District of Columbia: William P. White is [was] the Commissioner for the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, known as DISB. Mr. White was appointed by Mayor Vincent C. Gray on February 4, 2011. He was confirmed by the Council of the District of Columbia on June 7, 2011, by […]

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davidl on November 17th, 2013

Question, what is more important to the editors of the New York Slimes, true Middle East peace or a feather for President Pinocchio? Ok shoot me, rhetorical question,via Israel Matzov *:. Even so, Israel, groups like the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies and lawmakers like Senator Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois, want to […]

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davidl on November 17th, 2013

At least Captain Edward Smith was smart enough to realize that there were icebergs in the North Atlantic.   Not so much President Fifty Seven States.    President Dim Won was intent converting health care to Obama Care, that he never bothered to study the problem,  from Clarice Feldman, American Thinker: Just a few days ago […]

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davidl on November 15th, 2013

The New York Slimes tried to analogize Barack Obama’s man made disaster of Obama Care to Dubys’a response to the natural disaster that was Katrina. For her part, Professor Ann Althouse was having none of it, the Snark of the Day: But think about it this way, NYT. What if Bush and the Republicans had […]

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davidl on November 15th, 2013

I love the smell of panic in the morning, From Charles Krauthammer, Salt Lake City Tribune: As the only socially transformational legislation in modern American history to be enacted on a straight party-line vote, Obamacare is wholly owned by the Democrats. Its unraveling would catastrophically undermine their underlying ideology of ever-expansive central government providing cradle-to-grave […]

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davidl on November 13th, 2013

The Snark of the Day, from B.J. Clinton: “I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.” Hat tip:  Politico

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davidl on November 12th, 2013

B.J. Clinton wants to president again.   So much so that he will have his wife run for office for him, from Investors Business Daily: Politics: Who would think the president who proposed HillaryCare would help kill ObamaCare. Bill Clinton just gave congressional Democrats cover to oppose their party’s president — and try salvaging their political […]

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davidl on November 12th, 2013

Who says the space program is dead.   Secretary of State, John “French” Kerry was lost seen orbiting some distant planet, from Jackson Diehl, Washington Post: John Kerry’s Middle East dream world Imagine a world in which the Middle East is not descending into carnage and chaos but is on the brink of a monumental series […]

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Eric Florack on November 11th, 2013

The honoring of our vets has always held special meaning for me; it’s a lesson my parents instilled very well, indeed. It was brought home to me, as I was recently looking at pictures from a trip we made through the Gettysburg PA area some years ago. It’s a particularly meaningful thing, when you’re standing […]

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