Eric Florack on June 14th, 2012

Tonight, we’ll go a little country. This is Royce and Jeanie Kendall from St Louis, with a tune called “The Heart of the Matter”… a song which was a minor hit for them.  I don’t recall exactly where but it didn’t chart high. Middle 20’s, I think. Given the number ones they had, not a […]

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davidl on June 14th, 2012

The difference between, Barack Obama, a/k/a Dim Won, a/k/a Dumbo and Edward Smith, Captain of the RMS Titanic, is that at least Smith was smart enough to realize that he had hit an iceberg. Ae for Dombo, he still in denial, video: Hat tip and reax, Jamie, Jamie Wearing Fool: I can’t wait for the […]

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