davidl on December 3rd, 2009

Representative James Sensenbrenner (R – WI)   gives presidential science adviser John Holdren a grilling, video: Hat tip: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

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davidl on December 3rd, 2009

Look in the mirror, Mr. President, for why jobs aren’t rebounding Betsy Newmark, Betsy’s Page. Mrs. Newmark may not be an economist, but she is married to one.     I felt some commnet the president’s ecomonic summi dog and pony show was in order.

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Eric Florack on December 3rd, 2009

Welcome, one and all, to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the web… The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble JOBS SUMMIT PLACEBO: Look, tha’s what this Jobs summit thing that we saw today at the White House really is. Honestly, every president since Roosevelt has engaged in this kind of sham, but given the current circumstances, […]

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on December 3rd, 2009

One of the more acidic experiences a spouse can endure is preparing for their mate to go off to a foreign, hostile country for a “remote tour”, or for another type, and a new term these days, a “365”. (These two do differ technically, but that\’s for another day\’s discussion.) Either way, their spouse and usually parent of their child(ren) is “going away” for at least a year. And the family is not invited.

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