Eric Florack on July 1st, 2008

My boy, Matt got himself a new camera for graduation. So night before last, we ran out to Bergen to try can capture some rail traffic. As we were going there, we ran through a rainstorm. On getting there, the rain had stopped, and we were treated to two sights… a rainbow and in the […]

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Supposedly, WordPress 2.6 is on it’s way. My guess is it’ll show up on the 4th or after.  We’ll see if I install it or not. Prince Chuckles has converted his Aston Martin to run on English Wine.  I’ve driven an Aston-Martin, and have had English wine. The two are a natural for each other; […]

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davidl on July 1st, 2008

How dare Obama and his minions attack the military record of John McCain. Where and when did Obama serve? What sacrifice has he or his family made on the battlefield? Unlike John Kerry, where are those who served with McCain in combat claiming anything other then his honorable selfless service? Joe Repya, Eagle’s Nest, via, […]

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davidl on July 1st, 2008

I favor a hard time table.  This one is lost.  It is time to set an irreversable deadline to withdraw all taxpayer funding from PBS.  Michelle has news of yet another effort  by PBS to trash America: Adam Buckman at the NYPost blew the whistle last week on a moral equivalence-marinated PBS documentary that airs tonight. Melanie […]

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We see by way of Ben Smith this monring that Idiot Wes Clark still can’t keep his mouth shut, apparently referring to bury himself by what comes out of it. That’s bad enough. But now, by way of Q&O and ABC news, we see that Clark isn’t the only one: There was a time, and […]

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