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Looking Back: Stories From ’07

Here’s a few posts from BitsBlog that caught my eye and my immediate memory, as I scanned over the posts from the last year.

Harry Reid,man of the land…. deal. [1]
Barbara Boxer back in CAIR’s good graces [2]
Joe Biden: Barack Obama offers nothing [3]
Molly Ivans, RIP age 62 [4]
Judging what they are by what they did and did not do [5]
Chavez and Clinton: Birds of a feather [6]
Erb a libertarian? Who knew? [7]
Haditha, John Murtha lied [8]
Mrs. Sheehan has left the party [9]
Charles Nelson Reilly, RIP, age 76 [10]
Thompson to annouce over 4th of July [11]
Democrats claim again Plame was covert. In other news, large light scheduled to appear in east. [12]
So why isn’t Moore talking about this? [13]
A reminder of the facts; why we want to war in Iraq. [14]
But what are the real conditions of socialist Healthcare systems? [15]
Terror in Glasgow [16]
Breaking: Car on fire drives into Glasgow airport terminal [17]
Our …..Educational system: leaning left as a replacement for the truth. [18]
Ingmar Bergman: RIP (age 89) [19]
Pennsylvania man survived second lightning strike. [20]
Tom Snyder RIP aged 71 [21]
Oops… maybe we CAN win, after all… [22]
Coach Bill Walsh, RIP [23]
Oops… maybe we CAN win, after all… (Part II) [24]
As the Spit[zer] Turns [25]
Vegansexuals: Darwin in action. [26]
Richard Jewel dies at age 44 [27]
Iraq and American history [28]
New Bumper Sticker [29]
Just how racist is John Edwards? [30]
John Berthoud, RIP [31]
Jefferson corrtuption case continues forward. [32]
France returns to earth [33]
The invisible hand of George Soros [34]
Barbara Boxer back in CAIR’s good graces [2]
Kucinich questioning anyone’s sanity…. [35]
Robert Goulet, RIP age 73 [36]
What do union members think of Unions? [37]
Second thoughts on the Democrat “Debate”: The left really doesn’t know what to do about Hillary Clinton [38]
Clinton News Network whoredom confirmed [39]
Here comes “don’t ask, don’t tell ” again…  Just in time for the election. [40]
How dumb to you have to be to a democrat? [41]
When even the leftists recognize there’s something a bit off…. [42]
Mike Huckabee: Flaming Liberal [43]
Mrs. Clinton wants to tax health [44]
Yeah, yeah, I know, hostage situation… Yeah, yeah… [45]
Evel Knievel RIP, age 69 [46]
Let me make this Kristol klear (updated and bumped) [47]
Huck: If he only had a brain [48]