davidl on December 13th, 2006

DNA from several different boy friends was found on the Duke whore, slut, accuser’s person, albeit none from the three defendents.  Joseph Neff and Benjamin Niolet report, “Lab in lacrosse case found many DNA sources:” A private laboratory hired by the prosecution in the Duke lacrosse case failed to report that it found DNA from multiple […]

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Eric Florack on December 13th, 2006

I’m fuming tonight, as I write this. Granted, that I am overtired this evening, and so probably more than a little bit cranky.  But this stuff really has me annoyed.  As such it’ll be the only thing in this evening’s “Ramble”. Yesterday, we awoke to the news that the immigration and customs enforcement department raided […]

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Eric Florack on December 13th, 2006

The Guardian- The outgoing US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, is backing a call for the president of Iran to be charged with inciting genocide because of his speeches advocating the destruction of the state of Israel. Barely a week after he announced his resignation from the UN post, Mr Bolton will appear […]

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davidl on December 13th, 2006

From the Whiite House: The United States supports the Syrian people’s desire for democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. Syrians deserve a government whose legitimacy is grounded in the consent of the people, not brute force. The Syrian regime should immediately free all political prisoners, including Aref Dalila, Michel Kilo, Anwar al-Bunni, Mahmoud Issa, […]

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Eric Florack on December 13th, 2006

Peter Boyle,has died at age 71.  A good serious actor AND a sense of humor? A hard combo to beat.  

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Eric Florack on December 13th, 2006

Alexander Bolton, over at The Hill; (In this case, an ironic name)… Burns Strider, one of the Democratic Party’s leading strategists on winning over evangelicals and other values-driven voters, will join Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as she prepares to launch her 2008 presidential campaign. Strider now heads religious outreach for the House Democratic Caucus, […]

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Fersboo on December 13th, 2006

I’m not much of a television watcher anymore.  I’ll watch football and poker, cartoons with the little one, and if I am in the mood I might flip through the channels and watch Discovery, Speed or the History (or Military) Channels.  Last night after getting the little one to bed and playing a little football […]

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I’d like to say this is unbelievable, but the problem is that it’s quite believable… and exactly as expected. WASHINGTON —London Times- He is expected to have an acute understanding of terrorist groups and their threats to American interests. But the incoming chairman of a congressional intelligence committee was yesterday struggling to explain his ignorance […]

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Remember that GOP conference call, back in 1996 run by, among other people Newt Gingrich? Remember how it had been given to the Democrats and suddenly ended up on the air? Seattle, Wa- KNDO WASHINGTON A House ethics panel says Congressman Jim McDermott of Seattle violated rules by giving reporters an illegally taped phone call. […]

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Eric Florack on December 13th, 2006

Cathy Sieipp can use some good thoughts. It’s totally not unexpected, but she’s going through a rough patch just now in her fight with cancer.  Pray em if you got ’em, folks.  If you don’t, at least send her some good thoughts.

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