Eric Florack on June 30th, 2004

AP is reporting:: “NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks pushed back into positive territory in late trading Wednesday as the Federal Reserve announced a widely expected 0.25 percentage point increase in interest rates.” What caused all this? The economy is recovering in leaps and bounds. Go ahead, John Kerry; Tell us all about how the economy […]

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2004

QandO takes the time to judge Rotundo Moore by his own standards. Moore a Sex offender? Moore responsible for the death of John Candy? Moore a NABMBLA member? The facts on these and more do not look good for the Rotund Liar. Oh, and while I have the subject open, let’s make note of the […]

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I’ve been saying for months that these bozos were going to get desperate. The best example so far this week isThe Irish Trojan’s Blog: “All the external factors seem to point in Bush’s favor: the economy is improving, gas prices are finally falling, and the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq seems likely to shift the […]

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Dan Drezner the other day, posts a link to a Boston Globe Article that by some weird methods tries to give us some sense of the Iraqi street..  The article is a lot less informative than it attempts to be, at least in a literal sense, and there’s certainly an anti-Bush, Anti-American bias in the […]

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Mona Charen answers the question. But more; She actually proves it. She points out, as regards one of the biggest haters of all, both in terms of impact and sheer poundage… one Rotundo Moore. She makes the case that far from denoucing his lies, the Democrats are party to them: What should not go unnoticed […]

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World Net Daily is reporting this morning: “Following the formal handover of sovereignty to Baghdad, 15 Iraqi and Iraqi-American groups have issued an open letter to the American people, thanking them for the sacrifices they endured to liberate their country. ” So, where is the mainstream press, in terms of spreading this word? The story […]

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