World Net Daily is running a story which shows us where the leanings in the press are: Anti-American. “Boston residents got more than they bargained for this morning when their copy of the Globe came complete with graphic photos depicting U.S. troops gang-raping Iraqi women. Problem is the photos are fake. They were taken from […]

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The Toronto Sun says: “PRIME MINISTER Paul Martin says he believes Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and they’ve fallen into terrorists’ hands. Martin said the threat of terrorism is even greater now than it was following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, because terrorists have acquired nuclear, chemical and biological weapons from the […]

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NBC: FDNY Chief of Safety Reported Bombs Both Within the Towers and on the Planes on 9/11 Some interesting questions arise from thsi report. I’m researching the ideas presented.

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Eric Florack on May 12th, 2004 Nealz Nuze Today’s Nuze “This is World War IV — a war against fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists and terrorists.  These are the people we are fighting.  They are vicious relentless Muslim animals who will not stop killing innocent Americans and who will not abandon their dream of a world dominated by Islam until they are […]

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