Eric Florack on April 7th, 2004 Search Results: vets+against+Kerry – FOX News I’ve made it, I guess. Fox News’ website is listing me. I know, I know… but it was still kind of a shock to see them as a referral page.

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Eric Florack on April 7th, 2004

InstaGlenn makes mention of a report in the Amsterdam News, regarding the AIR AMERICA takeover of WLIB, which basically dropped all the station’s black oriented talk shows. “This is worse than a badge of slavery. It is cultural genocide. This want of outrage to cultural genocide on the part of Blacks is rooted in a […]

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Eric Florack on April 7th, 2004

Captain Ed over at The Captain’s Quarters has a new post up that refers to an NPR interview given by John Kerry today. In this interview, he describs the radical Islamist AlSadr, who is currently attacking American troops in Iraq as a “legitimate voice” who shouldn’t necessarily be arrested if encountered: I used to have […]

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Eric Florack on April 7th, 2004

Apparently, the 9/11 commission is now openly questioning Clarke’s credibility, even before Condi Rice takes her oath. The Washington Times is reporting that “The September 11 commission will look at the discrepancy between the testimony of Richard A. Clarke that the Clinton administration considered the threat of al Qaeda “urgent” and its final national-security report […]

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Eric Florack on April 7th, 2004

The Senate Hearings on the UN’s “Oil for food” corruption starts today. I’ve written about this 40 Billion Dollar scandal in the past. Interesting that most news outlets are ignoring it. The Wall Street Journal isn’t, though. RTWT, and comment here.

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