Eric Florack on November 6th, 2003

Reuters News Article Even more bad news for the Democrats.

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Wherever the President held rallies for [Republican gubernatorial candidate Haley] Barbour and [Republican gubernatorial candidate Ernie] Fletcher, turnout increased well above average: Kentucky In Laurel County, turnout increased by 252% over 1999 turnout. This year, 12,721 individuals cast ballots for Governor (34.1%) compared to just 3,604 in 1999 (10.2%). Fletcher received 9,403 votes this year, […]

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Eric Florack on November 6th, 2003

This one’s for all the iiodts who claimed that the whole Lynch story was made up, that the Iraqi troups treated her well… News link

Continue reading about New York Daily News -: Iraqis Did Rape Jessica Lynch – News 4 Your Health – Federal Judge Blocks New Abortion Bill Odd placement; this isn’t a health issue. ANdisn’t it interesting that the Democrats, whoa re against using the courts for advocacy, they say, when dealing with such as Justice Brown, can’t get to the courts fast enough, when they want to overturn […]

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My Way News There is something seriously wrong with our system of justice when this can happen.

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