Eric Florack on June 23rd, 2003

I’m sure that headline will get a rise out our brothers in Western Canada… Well, that was the discussion on the Randy Taylor program on 1010/CFRB in Toronto. Apparently, there’s an awful lot of people in Ontario who are most upset about the way the SARS crisis was handled, and are considering rebel votes against […]

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Eric Florack on June 23rd, 2003

Sales are off to a brisk start with the new Harry Potter book, according to London’s Evening Standard, in J.K Rowling’s native England. We own a copy as well, as of this morning. But you know, I don’t recall specific references to people actually stealing Hillary’s book prior to publication, other than a few obviously […]

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Eric Florack on June 23rd, 2003

I wonder who they think they’re helping? A new study out on mobile phone use today, which states that the hands-free devices mandated here in NY don’t help from a safety standpoint. So, what’s next? Banning phones in cars altogether? Banning music in cars? Conversation in cars? Banning cars altogether? Let’s go back just a […]

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Hillary Clinton was in town over the weekend. The reaction from the majority of the locals was, well, frankly, less the generous. Hopefully, the DPW crews are equipped to deal with the large numbers of people thowing up at roadside as she passed.  Of course there were a number of people here who welcomed her […]

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Eric Florack on June 23rd, 2003

According to a story in USELESS TOADY (called USA TODAY by liberals) it turns out that domestic violence isn’t just men on women. Karen Peterson says the Feminist Mantra “it is men only who cause violence,” is a myth. An interestingr read. What’s most amazing about it is that Gannet is even running such a […]

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