davidl on September 6th, 2010

Code Pink where are you? Code Pink is not so much anti-war, as it is pro-liberal, form Jammie Wearing Fool: As President Barack Obama formally declared an end to combat operations in Iraq this week, the anti-war movement that helped sweep him into office — and that worked for seven years to bring U.S. troops […]

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Donald Douglas, American Power, covers the birth  and death of an internet hoax: Sarah Palin to Divorce? Left’s Biggest Fantasy-Smear Dead on Arrival From the Christian Science Monitor, “Palin Getting a Divorce? Nope”: Hat tip  photo:  Conservatives4Palin. Any women who would like to not talk to me in that tone of voice, please feel free. […]

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I’d say, Billy, that there’s a major difference in the perception of justice when you involve the religious freedom component. To put that into the same context as OJ Simpson, however, …which in my view is a connection that cannot be ignored… is something else, again.   Of course this is the same point I made […]

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