I was interviewed by Stefano DiPietrantonio on 100723 on the 10 O’clock news regarding the necessity of ensuring that your Wi-Fi (wireless) network is secure to prevent data theft, identify theft, viruses and network intrusion. This story was prompted by a piece of scum who was running servers for child porn out of his house […]

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Eric Florack on October 21st, 2009

Hello and welcome one and all tot he most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere; The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble They say you’re supposed to have 5 service of veggies every day. Well, here’s one heapin helpin’, just now; CONTAINMENT: Politico’s Mike Allen and Josh Gerstien that The White House is attacking Fox News as […]

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Eric Florack on June 25th, 2009

Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read wnywhere on the sphere… The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble This is the “Beep Beep” Edition. If you don’t get the reference, look here. The Obamacare Telethon:  No, I didn’t bother watching it last night. the results were quite predictable . Jeff Poor of the Business and […]

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Eric Florack on March 21st, 2009

As most of you will know, I recently obtained a Palm Treo650, which I quickly tied onto the florack.us mail servers.  Last night while adding a spam handler to the little bugger’s feed, I apparently fouled up somewhere. To handle all the mail around here, both for the blog and the family and personal situations, […]

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Eric Florack on August 2nd, 2008

Little Green Footballs is on the ball, here, having noticed about half of blogdom is missing… if, that is you’re using IE7… saying about 7pm EDT: I’ve confirmed that there’s some kind of problem on the Internet, that only seems to affect users of the Internet Explorer 7 web browser. Attempting to browse to many […]

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Eric Florack on June 2nd, 2008

James Joyner points up that there’s no tape from Larry Johnson, yet. OTOH, he also points out that Larry’s servers are smoking hulks from the traffic this thing’s been getting. Aside from possibly explaining why no post from Johnson yet, it also calls to mind another factor which may be larger. Think back… during the […]

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