davidl on December 27th, 2007

[Ron] Paul blames Lincoln for the Civil War rather than blaming the South for starting a war to preserve slavery. Does he love liberty? Or does he merely loathe the federal government? James Taranto:  Opinion Journal. Addendum: (Bit) Heh… he doesn’t think Lincoln should have fought a war to save the Union… the one he […]

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davidl on December 26th, 2007

Steve LeBlanc reports on the end of fifteen billion dollar hole in the gronnd. BOSTON (AP) – When the clock runs out on 2007, Boston will quietly mark the end of one of the most tumultuous eras in the city’s history: The Big Dig, the nation’s most complex and costliest highway project, will officially come […]

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davidl on December 26th, 2007

The World’s most powerfull on-line army just got bigger.     Charles opened, and closed, his registration door.    More Lizards just in time for the primary season.   

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davidl on December 26th, 2007

Flim flam artists are always trying to seperate a fool from his money.   Case one, I ran with with this story on 28 October, but it bears repeating: When Nomatter Tagarira, a spirit medium, claimed that she could conjure refined diesel out of a rock by striking it with her staff, ministers in Robert Mugabe’s Government believed that they […]

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Mrs. Clinton claims to have experience, in something besides baking cookies.  Yet her claims of experience are more akin to fish stories.   On Townhall, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, are calling B.J. and Mrs. Clinton liars, “Hillary Had No Role in Irish Peace, Despite Bill’s Claims:” Recently, as only Hillary can do, she claimed that she […]

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davidl on December 25th, 2007

A thank you note from Kyle-Anne Shiver, American Thinker to our troops: One of the most gratifying things of all is that they know we love them and that we care about every single hair upon their heads in harms way.  They have a sense of our prayers and our genuine concern for their welfare.  Their […]

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Eric Florack on December 25th, 2007

Glenn:  PEACE ON EARTH? “While the headlines concentrate on peace breaking out in Iraq, that’s but part of a worldwide trend for the last few years. Violence has also diminished, or disappeared completely, in places like Nepal, Chechnya. Congo, Indonesia and Burundi.” And why is peace breaking out in all these other places, all at […]

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davidl on December 25th, 2007

Michelle Malkin’s Christmas message. Hat Tip:  Hot Air.

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davidl on December 25th, 2007

Is Ron Paul a nazi?   Well some of Paul’s well embraced supporters are.   Virginia Heffernan, New York Times,  describes Paul’s “nazi  troubles:“ Ron Paul, our Internet president, seems to have Nazi troubles, as in they’re saying he’s one of them. Stormfront, a “white nationalist” Internet community, has given him money. And he can’t seem to stop meeting with self-described […]

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Eric Florack on December 24th, 2007

Since 1955 NorAD has been tracking Santa annually. The last few years, they’ve been providing that tracking data as an online service. Click the logo to go there. Edit: Link repaired.

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davidl on December 24th, 2007

In 1992, B.J. Clinton campaigned on a “Middle Class Tax Cut.” In 2000, John Edwards promised to make Christopher Reeves walk again. Now Michael McAuliff, Daily News(NY), reports Mrs. William Clinton is promising “Elect me and oil prices instantly drop:” Sure Honey, I’ll still respect you in the morning. Mrs. Clinton seems to know almost […]

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davidl on December 24th, 2007

The Washington Post is questioning the moral underpinnings of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, “Racial Undercurrent Is Seen in Clinton Campaign:” It has unfolded mostly under the radar. But an important development in the 2008 Democratic battle may be the building backlash among African Americans over comments from associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that could be […]

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davidl on December 24th, 2007

Rush Limbaugh and others have skewered any conservative credentials Mike Huckabee has pretended to hold.   Selwyn Duke, American Thinker, examines the Huckster’s religious bona fides, or lack thereof same: Belief can be a great thing, of course.  Our Founding Fathers’ unprecedented respect for liberty was born of their Christian belief that rights were bestowed by […]

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Eric Florack on December 23rd, 2007

Dan Solove over at Concurring Opinions: Over at Civilities, Jon Garfunkel points out that many blogs that use Site Meter and other third-party visitor tracking services are publicly displaying a lot of information about their readers: IP addresses, domains, location information, referring URLs, and if they came to the site via a search engine, the […]

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davidl on December 23rd, 2007

Acting on a hot tip from a fellow Swamp Stomper,  I found this after action report on Ron Paul’s foray on to Meet the Press.   Jeff Freeland, National Ledger: [Ron Paul] was on the defensive from the start of the interview and never rebounded.  As I feared, Paul was unprepared and looked foolish as Russert peppered […]

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