davidl on February 12th, 2009

Nadya Suleman is one weird person, Bill Zwecker, Sun-Times: Along with many Americans, Angelina Jolie herself is said to be ”totally creeped out” by Nadya Suleman, the now-infamous mother of six who just gave birth to octuplets — all thanks to artificial insemination. Though Suleman categorically denies she’s undergone any plastic surgery to make her […]

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Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere… Bitblog’s Nightly Ramble. Friday, and lots of fresh snow up the ground in Bitsville, today. A lot of it coming from the Obama people, and congressional Democrats. The forecast is for a cold winter, on both fronts. We have a lot […]

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So, when Obama was in front oa AIPAC, he told them Jerusalem must remain undivided. Next day, (Actually only a few hours later ) he remembers his freinds in¬†Hamas who¬†endorsed him, and says the future of the city should be negotiated. He calls it poor phrasing. I call it poor lying. It figures. Cynthia McKinney […]

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