Eric Florack on June 18th, 2020

Point blank…

This push against the police is a push against the power of the people, and the laws that they have been sworn to enforce. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t understand that, the rest of all of this is not going to make any sense to you whatsoever and you are there for part of the problem.

And by the way this is precisely why I have always objected to the Radley Balko types. They give people and movements like this traction, and aid them in their goal of tearing this country down. As far as I’m concerned they qualify for the title of useful idiots.

Make no mistake, it is with the help of Balko and others that the Democrats have managed to play the games they’re playing right now… And I’m willing to bet that he can’t even identify what I’m talkin about here

I ask you, where are the ethics, and the principles involved with claiming you’re fighting for freedom and for the individual, and then doing the dirty work of the people who are trying to tear down the country and the culture that gave us the freest society on the face of the planet?

I was willing to hear you out on this one Radley, but I’m done. Or more correctly, you’re done.

davidl on June 18th, 2020

We have got a problem right here that begins with P, and not P for Police but rather P for politician. I the taser a deadly weapon? Well it depends. In Atlanta a couple weeks ago two police officers were fired and charged for using tasers in the course of an arrest. The District Attorney noted that under Georgia law, the taser is defined a a deadly weapon. Then recently the same DA filed murder charges against another Atlanta police officer for killing a fleeing felon carrying a stolen taser, without making reference to the taser, from Twitchy,

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced that former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe would face 11 charges in connection with the deadly shooting of Rayshard Brooks, including felony murder, which could net him life in prison or the death penalty if found guilty.

Rolfe’s attorneys will certainly argue that Rolfe fired in self-defense, as Brooks, in a scuffle with Rolfe and another officer, managed to grab the officer’s Taser and run off. He’s seen on surveillance video from Wendy’s turning around at one point and pointing something at the officers, presumably the Taser.

Whether or not that justifies Rolfe firing on Brooks will be decided in court, but as Greg Price notes, just a couple of weeks ago Howard was explaining to the press that a Taser is considered a deadly weapon in Georgia, but during his presser today, he said that at no time did Brooks pose a threat.

Paul Howard may soon be out of office, but not out of the case.  Howard seems to hold the view that a taser is a deadly weapon in the hands of a police officer, but not in the hands of a convicted fleeing felon.

davidl on June 16th, 2020

The former senile senior senator from the former slave state of Delaware, Joe “Slow Joe” Biden has reassures me that any purported black who does not vote for him is not a real black. Lord knows that democrats never lie, well except for maybe Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. That having been said, the video below just must be Karl Rove in blackface and a wig: video:

Thankfully, if it were not for Slow Joe’s prescient warning, I might have been fools. Would you have been?

Hat tip: Last Refuge

davidl on June 13th, 2020

Pop quiz, name the one lifetime achievement of the late four time governor of New York State, one Nelson Rockefeller? He fired, Robert Moses, from three state jobs. Moses dream was to bulldoze every neighborhood and to build a freeway. A present day version of Moses is Dr. Anthony Fauci who has the pension for yelling epidemic, from Just the News:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Covid-19 is “his worst nightmare.”

It might be his worst, but it’s certainly not his first. He has spent his professional career warning of nightmare scenarios, many which never materialized.

Nobody did more to kick off the U.S. AIDS alarm than Fauci, who was sole author of a 1983 piece in the prestigious JAMA in which he declared the disease might be transmissible by “routine close contact, as within a family household.” Fauci shortly thereafter ascended to the position he holds to this day as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

To quote Auric Goldfinger: “Mr. Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.’”

Donny, be like Rocky.  Padlock Fauci’s office, seal his files, give him a gold watch, and walk him out the door.

davidl on June 11th, 2020

Minneapolis goes to heck in a handcart. Citizens go on partrol. Neighborhood stay safe and intact, from Star Tribune:

But now it’s also known as the hub of an impressive community effort that saved Franklin Avenue businesses and nonprofits during the violence that erupted after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

It started with three American Indian leaders who saw the destruction unfolding on Lake Street and rushed to protect businesses at the heart of the American Indian cultural corridor along Franklin Avenue. Michael Goze, CEO of the American Indian Community Development Corporation, and Frank Paro, president of the American Indian Movement (AIM), sent out a call for volunteers as violence erupted in the streets. Bob Rice, owner of Pow Wow Grounds coffee shop, opened his property as the staging area for AIM street patrols and offered other logistical support.

Citizens rise up, unite and do their civic duty. No mention of white men, and no talk of those evil assault weapons. Maybe the lame stream dictionary defines vigilante as a white man with a gun. In this case the vigilantes happen to native Americans. Well done gentlemen.

Eric Florack on June 11th, 2020

People, make no mistake about this. This push against the police is really a push against the laws that the police are sworn to enforce. Laws which, in most respects, have been demanded by the people.

It is, perhaps, instructive and focusing to learn that the very definition of the word “police” comes into play here. The word comes from the French, which literally translated comes out “the power of the people”.

And and what happens once this movement starts succeeding? We already have examples. For example, this from Powerline:

Following Freddy Gray’s death, the police force came under sustained attack by local politicians and the Obama Justice Department. It backed off from proactive policing, and the size of the force decreased significantly.

Violent crime skyrocketed. In the five years before Gray’s death in 2015, homicides averaged around 215 per year. In the past five years, they have averaged around 335, and reached a high of 348 last year. Residents attribute this to “relaxed police patrols.”

and now we see sections of Seattle being taken over by these people. The governor and the mayor are refusing to do anything about it and instead are trading barbs with the president over their non-action.

The Democrats are playing this game because they believe it to be to their advantage.

Meantime in Chicago the mayor and all 50 of the aldermen are completely freaked out because they can’t control the rioting. Eventually somebody’s going to figure out that the rioting is a direct result of the city government’s policies. And yet they still refuse to do anything serious about it.

There is an old Limerick which seems to apply very nicely here.

There once was a lady from Niger

Who rode on the back of a tiger.

They returned from the ride

With the lady inside

And a smile on the face of the tiger.

In short my friends the Democrats are now being consumed by the world that they have made as has long been predicted.

The real tragedy here is they’re going to end up taking the rest of us down with them if we don’t stand up on our hind legs and do something about it.

Eric Florack on June 10th, 2020

So what’s behind this push eliminate the police?

Perhaps it would be helpful if we were to examine the criminal records of the individuals that the left has been trying to make Martyrs of.

As regards Michael Brown, from. NY Times article of the time;

Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried on Monday, was no angel, with public records and interviews with friends and family revealing both problems and promise in his young life. Shortly before his encounter with Officer Wilson, the police say he was caught on a security camera stealing a box of cigars, pushing the clerk of a convenience store into a display case. He lived in a community that had rough patches, and he dabbled in drugs and alcohol. He had taken to rapping in recent months, producing lyrics that were by turns contemplative and vulgar. He got into at least one scuffle with a neighbor.

Then, there’s Trayvon Marti, by way of The New American

During the discovery process in May 2012, the defense team for Zimmerman got the first glimpse of just who Martin really was, in data contained in 67 compact discs. Included were texts from Martin’s cellphone going back to November 2011 and photos of Martin other than the one the press used to generate public sympathy — a hooded innocent gunned down by a white racist.

As the Miami Herald noted in its article the month after the incident, “Weed, fights and guns,” a broader, deeper and uglier picture of Zimmerman’s attacker emerged:

As thousands of people gathered here to demand an arrest in the Trayvon Martin case, a more complicated portrait began to emerge of a teenager whose problems at school ranged from getting spotted defacing lockers to getting caught with a marijuana baggie and women’s jewelry.

In October, 2011, Martin was caught on a school surveillance video defacing lockers with obscenities using a magic marker pen. The police investigator said Martin was “hiding and being suspicious.” When the officer confronted Martin the next day he found Martin’s backpack contained some women’s jewelry — a watch, some silver wedding bands and diamond-encrusted earrings. Martin told the officer, “They’re not mine. A friend gave it to me.” Continuing his search, the officer found a large flat-headed screwdriver which the officer described as a burglar’s tool. The jewelry was turned over to the police and Martin was suspended for defacing school property.

Four months later Martin was caught with a baggie containing “traces” of marijuana along with a marijuana pipe.

It was at this time that his mother, Sybrina Fulton (who had divorced her husband Tracy Martin back in 1999 when Trayvon was four but who conveniently showed up with her ex to attend Zimmerman’s trial) kicked him out of the house and told him to go live with his father in Sanford. It was there that the run-in with Zimmerman occurred on February 26.

Martin’s text messages revealed a teenager just looking for trouble. In a highly redacted 10-page listing of his phone texts, Martin revealed a life of a marijuana smoker (one of his friends called him a “weed head”), and schoolyard bully who had been involved in at least three fistfights and threatened more in order to “get even,” and had shown an interest in obtaining a gun from another friend: “U wanna share a .380?” asked Martin at one point.

Photos released as part of the discovery process but not allowed in the courtroom as “not relevant” revealed an arrogant teen showing off his gold teeth and his disrespect for normal decorum with obscene gestures and threatening countenances.

Such was the background of the young man portrayed by the media as an innocent “hoodie” gunned down by Zimmerman. But there was one piece of evidence that surfaced during the trial: Zimmerman’s defense attorney Don West provided an expert who told the jury that there was enough marijuana in Martin’s system the night of the incident sufficient to create some impairment

Then there’s Rodney King, whom you may remember as the subject of the LA riots not so many years ago…. From a site called Famous Trials

July 27, 1987: According to a complaint filed by his wife, King beat her while she was sleeping, then dragged her outside the house and beat her again. King was charged with battery and pleaded “no contest.” He was placed on probation and ordered to obtain counseling. He never got the counseling.

November 3, 1989: King, brandishing a tire iron, ordered a convenience store clerk to empty the cash register. The clerk grabbed the tire iron, causing King to fall backwards and knock over a pie rack. King swung the rack at the clerk and fled the store with $200. King was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, second-degree robbery, and intent to commit great bodily injury. In a plea agreement, King pleaded guilty to the robbery charge and the other charges were dropped. He was sentenced to two years in prison, but was paroled on December 27, 1990.

The Arrest of Rodney King on March 3, 1991

March 3, 1991: After being seen speeding on the 210 freeway by CHP officers, King led them on a chase at speeds estimated at up to 110 to 115 mph. When finally stopped, King refused requests to get into the prone position and appeared to charge one of the officers. He was beaten and arrested. King was charged with felony evading. Charges were later dropped.

King’s 3/3/91 Arrest Record

King’s Trouble with the Law After March 3, 1991

May 11, 1991: King was pulled over for having an excessively tinted windshield. Although King was driving without a license and his car registration had expired, King was not charged.
May 28, 1991: King picked up a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood who happened to be under surveillance by LAPD officers. King and the prostitute were observed in an alley engaging in sexual activity. When the prostitute spotted the officers, King sped away, nearly hitting one of them. King later explained that he thought the vice officers were robbers trying to kill him. No charges were filed.

June 26, 1992: King’s second wife reported to police that King had hit her and she feared for her life. King was handcuffed and taken to a police station, but his wife then decided against pressing charges.

July 16, 1992: King was arrested at 1:40 A.M. for driving while intoxicated. No charges were filed.

August 21, 1993: King crashed into a wall near a downtown Los Angeles nightclub. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.19. King was charged with violating his parole and sent for sixty day to an alcohol treatment center. He was also convicted on the DUI charge and ordered to perform twenty days of community service.

May 21, 1995: King was arrested for DUI while on a trip to Pennsylvania. King failed field sobriety tests, but refused to submit to a blood test. He was tried and acquitted.

July 14, 1995: King got into an argument with his wife while he was driving, pulled off the freeway and ordered her out of the car. When she started to get out, King sped off, leaving her on the highway with a bruised arm. King was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (his car), reckless driving, spousal abuse, and hit-and-run. King was tried on all four charges, but found guilty only of hit-and-run driving.

March 3, 1999: King allegedly injured the sixteen-year-old girl that he had fathered out of wedlock when he was seventeen, as well as the girl’s mother. King was arrested for injuring the woman, the girl, and for vandalizing property. King claimed that the incident was simply “a family misunderstanding.”

September 29, 2001: King was arrested for indecent exposure and use of the hallucinogenic drug PCP.

Then of course the most recent subject of martyrdom, George Floyd’s arrest history.

In 1998 he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for armed robbery.

In 2002 he was sentenced to 8 months in jail for cocaine possession..

In 2004 he was sentenced to 10 months in jail for cocaine possession.

In 2005 he was sentenced yet again to 10 months in jail for cocaine possession.

In 2007 he attempted to rob a pregnant woman in her robe and was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

It should be noted that his record is much more extensive than this if you include the points where charges were not laid.

When he died, the man was high as a kite on methamphetamines and fentanyl.

Now for the sake of comparison, perhaps we should look at another example of a black American, St Louis Police Captain David Dorn.


..David Dorn, 77, was found dead from a gunshot to the torso around 2:30 a.m. Prior to working security at the pawn shop, he served as a police captain with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and a police chief in nearby Moline Acres.

He retired in 2014 after more than 40 years in law enforcement.

It is interesting and instructive that this example of a black American is ignored by those calling for the elimination of police… What gets lionized by the left and what gets ignored.

Dr. Martin Luther King spoke with passion about a day when people would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

I dare to say to you today the Doctor King’s dream will never come true under these begin with, since that for that dream to come true, for one to be judged by the content of one’s character, one must actually happen above board character, which is something that play George Floyd, Michael Brown, etc etc crowd simply does not possess.

There was a time, my friends, when black families kept a portrait of Dr. King on the wall oh, my phone is not right next to a portrait of Christ himself. Those who were around in the sixties and seventies will remember this well. We have alas, come to the point where Dr. King and his dream themselves are being rejected.

Let’s see, here. Dr. King still has a holiday, we have black awareness month, black only colleges, a Black entertainment Network, every city in the country has at least one black radio station. Black only dating sites, black only bars, black only clubs, a Congressional Black caucus, and yet the rest of us are racist?

We see Hollywood celebrities taking collections of millions of dollars to bail out the rioters and looters across our nation, and yet not dime one for Captain Dorn. What kind of a message are they trying to send here?

And finally, 19 people, 19 black people, Chicago residents, died last weekend, as a result of violent acts against them by other blacks. Where are the BLM brownshirts on this one?

davidl on June 9th, 2020

I just got off the Ouija Phone with the late Robert Byrd, and he approved of using local law enforcement to deprive minorities of their civil rights. This rant is about as long as former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee to George Floyd’s neck, and almost as painful to watch.  Be warned.  The racist bigot play of the day, video(profane language):

Partial except:

“They let these people come outside with they AK-47s. Ak-47s to protect they stuff from black people. They ready to kill black people, the Arabs, the fake a** Ramadan mother f**kers. They got M-16s, AK with they people’s out here. Everything y’all. Look at this s**t,” she said, flipping the camera to a nearby store. “They got mother f**kin’ AKs out here and I’m going to get my cousin that’s a police officer right now and ask him are they legally able to carry these mother f**kin’ guns like this.”

I don’t know who the black Chicago women is.  I will just call her BCW.  While researching this article the original videos were still posted on both Facebook and Youtube. So they not all that opposed to threats of violence.

BCW clearly wants to rob or have here friends rob the business.  So she schemes to have the local police confiscate the business’s firearms.  So BCW does not support totally defunding the police.

BCW clearly assumes that if the property owners were to shoot any person attempting to rob the store, that the would robbers, would be dead robbers, would be dead black robbers.  Are all robbers in the Peoples’ Republic of Chicago black?

BCW is upset that Chicago residents are carrying constitutionally legal manner that are visible.  She invokes the need for a state license.  Yet the best I can make out from the her video, the weapons are only being carried and displayed on private property.  There is a iron fence around the parking area.

BCW assumes, maybe correctly, that the owners or employees of the business are foreigners.  Would I be correct in assuming that BCW is not fan of Comrade Lori Lightfoot’s sanctuary city policy.  BCW clearly has contact with the local police.  Does she lack such contacts with federal immigration officials?

davidl on June 8th, 2020

Learn to code, if not A, then?  More to the point, if not the current Minneapolis Police Department then what, or if not your current PD then what.  There is no point in abolishing A unless have B that is better.

Lisa Bender President of the Minneapolis City Council wants to abolish, defund, the entire Minneapolis Police Department. Ms. Bender does make one good point. The MPD is note perfect, for example the MPD totally failed Justine Diamond. That was what three years ago, and I don’t recall Ms. Bender calling for the abolition of the MPD at the time.

Ms. Bender

“Yes, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors,” the city council president replied. “And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that [concern] comes from a place of privilege because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

I have a right to my stuff, see Fourth Amendment.  Neither Ms. Bender nor her friends have any right to my stuff.  Moreover, if Ms. Bender et al should deprive me of my stuff I have a right to retrieve it.

I don’t think Ms. Bender knows to where chosen road leads, and I doubt too many American Citizens would willing to follow her.  What say you?

Eric Florack on June 8th, 2020

This was found as a response in a discussion being waged elsewhere oh, and it was obviously copied from quora so I will simply box it up and ship it along.

It is more than worth the read…indeed, it speaks directly to points I’ve been making the last week or two and is too good not to share.

I found this response to a Liberal Open Society cartoon about why the “tolerant must be intolerant of the intolerant”, as if that makes any sense, but the response seems to be spot on.

“Chris Josse says there is a difference between tolerance and argument and he is correct but then he heads down the sophist rabbit hole. Academically speaking, liberals belong to the category of Sophist. The Free Dictionary defines Sophism as:

A plausible but fallacious argument.
Deceptive or fallacious argumentation.
Allow me to opine on the argument. Now read the responses here in Quora to the question. Can you pick out the Sophists? I sure can.

First and foremost, they do not argue in the traditional sense of an argument. The essence of argumentation lies in the agreed upon definition terms and the use of logic backed by facts (empiricism) to support conclusions. The intellectually mature sophist (the ones that are educated beyond their intelligence) employ deceptive or ambiguous terms while the immature sophist reverts to emotional outbursts, expletives and insults. It is easier to do that because you don’t need to think and or study or collect facts to define your terms. You also get the instant gratification of self-righteousness – intellectual masturbation. A couple classic examples of a fallacious and deceptive attempts at definition:

Bill Clinton’s infamous Sophist definition statement: It depends on what your definition of “is” is.
The definition of “disruptive innovation”. The accepted definition is the introduction of a better service or product into the free market. Google uses their own definition to justify their criminal violation of copyrights, trade marks and patents to make money.
Most sophists (liberals) do not create or respond to arguments that require agreement on definitions. Instead, they are quite happy to destroy those types of arguments by using categories of exclusion. “You’re a F*^#ing white supremacist” without even attempting to define white supremacy? They throw around terms like racist, capitalist, Nazi and the popular fill in the blank ‘phobists’. Rejection instead of analysis and debate. Hate and ostracism rather than informed thought. Rage rather than tolerance in the form of an informed argument or debate. Why do they do this?

Liberal philosophy is based on the fantasy of egalitarianism and they sell it to others in the form of resentment. Here is the liberal dog whistle template: “You deserve (fill in what you don’t have but want without having to work for it) because you are a (repressed category) and the (oppressive category) are keeping you from having what you deserve”. Be sure to conclude with a few choice expletives aimed at the oppressive category for effect. Ex: You’re black and deserve to have more money but the white racist republican Nazis still want to enslave you and keep you in poverty (never mind that is was Democrats who supported slavery). Or, you’re a poor exploited worker who toils all day but your rich bosses don’t pay you what you think you’re worth so they can get rich on your labor. Or, you could be something but some other class of people have singled you out and are preventing you from achieving your greatness. Liberals define success as exploitation while celebrating failure as a virtue and badge of honor. If working hard and becoming rich is bad, then not working hard or failing must be good. No wonder they want the government to take care of everybody.

The great tragedy here is the sophist tactics actually rob the average person of their capacity for achieving true greatness. When this is pointed out to them, they revert to their intolerant responses. Liberals, by stimulating resentment and hatred, kill advancement and innovation. Yet they call themselves progressives. Resentment breeds failure which breeds more resentment. Does that sound like progress? But if you can brainwash people into emotionally investing into that negative mindset, then the confirmation bias generated by the sophist controlled media will keep them trapped.

The longer they remain trapped the harder it is to realize their beliefs actually caused their lives to become increasingly disastrous. They cannot look in the mirror and admit that their actions and decisions based on their beliefs have destroyed their lives when it is much easier (and less painful) to blame others. When confronted with that truth, they cannot accept responsibility. They double down on their failure and act with intolerance against those who hold up the truth mirror that exposes their failures.”

Arthur Nimz
Answered Jul 2, 2018 · Author has 120 answers and 364k answer views

davidl on June 8th, 2020

News flash, vigilantes patrol in People’s Republic of Chicago, and Comrade Mayor, Lori Lightfoot is not a happy camper, from Hill, via PJ Media:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) this week condemned vigilantism after groups of predominantly white men were seen patrolling the streets with bats amid ongoing protests against racism and police brutality.

“It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods,” Lightfoot said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“We’ve seen that end with tragic results across the country and we’re not about to allow that practice to happen here in Chicago. If there’s an issue, call 911,” Lightfoot said.


Private citizens have taken to policing their neighborhood streets and Comrade Lightfoot is not happy. If Chicago were my city, and I were brave enough to admit it, I would not be happy either. However, vigilantism is not necessarily illegal, nor necessarily bad, definition:

Taking the law into one’s own hands and attempting to effect justice according to one’s own understanding of right and wrong; action taken by a voluntary association of persons who organize themselves for the purpose of protecting a common interest, such as liberty, property, or personal security; action taken by an individual or group to protest existing law; action taken by an individual or group to enforce a higher law than that enacted by society’s designated lawmaking institutions; private enforcement of legal norms in the absence of an established, reliable, and effective law enforcement body.

Given the long and sorry history of the Chicago Police Department Mayor Lightfoot’s recent performance, it understandable that some citizens of the Windy City feel motivated to do the job Mayor and her police department seem loath to do.

Eric Florack on June 7th, 2020

By chance, do you remember how Prince died? It seems quite a while ago.

Nobody could explain the sudden heart attack until such time as the corner got involved and informed us that he had fentanyl in his system. Heck of a guitarist, and a tragic loss to be certain.

Now fentanyl is a drug that is about as addictive as anything you can name. It also has a tendency to increase coronary problems.

I bring up that piece of history because it seems to me that nobody’s considered it in light of current events.

Regular readers here will perhaps remember that I mentioned either yesterday or the day before the George Floyd had fentanyl in his system as well as methamphetamines, that there was no physical evidence of asphyxiation, but there was evidence of coronary issues and and the ruling, properly, was that of a heart attack.

Now, two points here. First, if you’re screaming anything at all, your airways are not being blocked. This would be completely consistent with the coroner’s report. That said however, a heart attack will often give as a warning sign, difficulty breathing.

Which leads me to the second point, it seems likely the coronary issues were involved with George Floyd’s death. Coronary issues brought on by fentanyl and the meth.

In short, the cop didn’t kill George Floyd. George Floyd killed George Floyd.

Then, there is George Floyd’s arrest history.

In 1998 he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for armed robbery.

In 2002 he was sentenced to 8 months in jail for cocaine possession..

In 2004 he was sentenced to 10 months in jail for cocaine possession.

In 2005 he was sentenced yet again to 10 months in jail for cocaine possession.

In 2007 he attempted to rob a pregnant woman in her robe and was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

When he died, the man was high as a kite on methamphetamines and fentanyl.

Now ask yourself a question.. who is it that would benefit from these points being ignored? Who would benefit from the emotionally polluted rush to judgment that we have seen in this case, which by the way is not unlike the rush to judgment that we saw with regards to the supposed Russia collusion case, the supposed sexual attack charges against Judge kavanaugh, against Judge Thomas, the Trayvon Martin case, the Michael Brown case, and so on.

As with those cases, we are being manipulated, people.

I mean, has anybody mentioned the idea that if you’re not doing something illegal, the cops will leave you alone?

The whole “white guilt” schtick is part and parcel of that manipulation.

In the case of Brown and Martin the usual suspects ignored their questionable history in their quest to make martyrs of them, just as they are doing with Floyd.

All of which raises the question, “Why are the subjects of black martyrdom of late, such abject losers?

It’s mostly because as Shelby Steele says,

That’s because the only politically correct way to see blacks is as victims of larger forces that are constantly determining them and beating them and miring them in difficulty.”

Consider closely the words of Candace Owens in this:

Notice please, the Shelby Steele quote as regards Black culture. This is vital to this discussion because as I have said for many years in these spaces, 99% of what is perceived as racial matters anymore is in fact cultural matters.

As a result of what Steele and Owens call a culture embracing the lowest common denominator, a large part of Black America and Black American opinion, doesn’t see a problem with the history of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, Rodney King etc,…. At least they don’t, once it’s exposed. In fact, they will call racist, anyone who exposes those histories, or if they happen to be black like Shelby Steele, Candace Owens Walter Williams, Bill Cosby Etc, they will be labeled as Uncle Tom.

There are people in our world and understand all of this… And are manipulating these forces to further disrupt our society at the expensive minorities particularly but everybody in the end.

I address that in full, here.

Eric Florack on June 7th, 2020

I can remember just a short while ago when toilet paper was supposedly in short supply and everyone was hording it. Maybe it’s just me, but have you seen any of the looters in Minneapolis or Los Angeles carrying large amounts of toilet paper?

For that matter, have you seen anybody involved in those riots “social distancing”? Even the Democrat Mayors are saying they’re not going to enforce social distancing rules on protesters. Just churchgoers. People trying to live their lives.

It seems obvious at this point that the suffering caused by the Coronavirus regulations are less important then the suffering caused by the “protests”.

As I said at the beginning… whatever else that was, the masking, social distancing all the rest of that nonsense had absolutely nothing to do with saving lives and more to do with altering the political structure, to favor the big government Democrats. Here’s a news flash….Don’t ever ask or order me to “flatten the curve” and give up my liberties again. I won’t comply, and I expect after what we’ve witnessed the last couple of months, nobody else will, either. Well, very few.

davidl on June 6th, 2020

We are told leftist/media criminal cabal that somehow black, but only black, lives matter.  Not only is the meme racist, anti-Christian and offensive, even within its rather limited scope, it still isn’t true.

The movement launched on the pretense of the ugly videoed death of a black citizen George Floyd as the hand of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Yet more of our fellow black citizens have died at the hand of the George Soros riots or as result of them than have did at the hands of police departments, video:

At face value, the message of black lives matter is true. However by the actions of Soros rent a mobs, the message is rendered false.  If you believe that black lives matter, then stop killing blacks, along with all people.

Oh by the way, have heard of Planned Parenthood aborturaiums being fire bombed?

Eric Florack on June 5th, 2020

So let’s see here…

We put up with 4 years of BS from the Democrats about how Trump was a Russian stooge. Of course, that proved to be a flat out falsehood.

Then along came covid-19 . Since the one point that even the Democrats can’t argue about is the wild economic success under Trump, can you possibly imagine a more effective way of messing up the economy and causing misery, and thereby attempting to interfere in Trump’s re-election, than shutting the economy down under the guise of safety?

Of course when it came out that the death rate wasn’t nearly what we were told, along comes BLM, Antifa, and the sons of ACORN, to burn down everything in their path, basically performing terrorist acts….in the name of supporting the rights of black people, and killing several back people along the way..

But again…. If you wanted to extend the misery and economic disaster that the covid-19 shutdown has inflicted on the American people, can you possibly imagine a better way of doing it then the terrorist threat of Antifa and BLM?

And don’t tell me there’s no connection between those organizations, all this violence and the Democrat Party when we see members of the Democrat Party including Joe Biden’s campaign team bailling out the people responsible for that violence, and those deaths. they and their fellow travelers are orchestrating all of this so as to regain governmental power.

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends, I give you today’s Democrat Party. The globalists are desperate. At all these actions up over the past four or five years, and there is no other conclusion to draw but that there isn’t thing one that’s above them to accomplish their goals.