Paul Gottfried at Intellectual Takeout

National Review has found yet another reason to hate Trump, whom it has attacked relentlessly for over four years. It seems that among his multiple shortcomings, according to Frank Lavin, a supporter of Republican Voters Against Trump in 2020, Donald Trump was not the Gipper. In fact, he caused the Republican Party to deviate grievously from Reagan’s policies; and so it now behooves us to save the GOP by returning to the proven “conservative” teachings of the president whose approval ratings approached 70 percent shortly after leaving office.

Well look, we’ve discussed these points before.

As I said yesterday, it amazes me, the number of people who are saying that Trump was no Reagan, who never really supported Reagan, either.

Which in turn, is directly online with what I wrote about the establishment Republicans like George Will, some five years ago now.

Like Reagan before him, the GOP establishment is now busy attempting to dismantle their most recent presidential candidate. Why? Because he was actually more conservative than they, and they don’t believe in conservatism.

In the end such people are as much a part of the swamp as the Democrats ever were, and are perhaps more treacherous because the Democrats aren’t pretending to be Republicans.

And of course the idea comes forward that Trump is not part of the club. A lot of feelings got hurt when Jeb Bush got rejected by the GOP rank and file. Trump isn’t a member of the aristocracy.

In short, what we have here is a group of establishment Republicans still arguing for the divine right of kings… Along with the usual crowd at places like National Review, the Bill Kristols and the George Wills, Mitt Romney’s and John McCain’s of the world.

And of course given the circumstances, they are now the favorites among the usual suspects in the leftist press.

The dropping of the names of McCain and Romney is not an idle reference. Remember the press turning on them the moment they decided they were going to run for president.To this day, those darn fools have no idea why they lost their respective elections.

Do we really have to go through all this nonsense again?