The faux president, better known as the Dimwit from Delaware, falsely claims some eighty-one million votes for President. Due to Team Biden pension for counting dead voters, stealing votes and double counting voters, Slow Joe’s real totals are not clear.

While we do not know Joey’s real vote totals, we do know one Susan Rice’s exact vote total, and it is zero. Joey seems to hovering somewhere between there some of the time, to not at all home, from American Greatness:

For those of us watching this made-for-TV special in which a totalitarian cabal at the core of the Democratic Party takes over America while we are locked at home, one question arises: Does the mentally impaired Joseph R. Biden know that he was put into the presidency by a small committee* of hard Left operatives, and is currently serving as a figurehead, as all decisions about policy and personnel are made by others?

Somebody pulling Joey’s strings. It not Slow Joe himself, then who? Ric Genell has his theory, from Town Hall:

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell believes that the person calling the shots in the White House is not the president or vice president, but rather, Susan Rice.

The former Obama national security adviser is now the White House Domestic Policy Council director and Grenell called that “a joke.”

Benghazi fans, you may recall Rice from non-Russian records of doing all five Sunday network talks shows and telling the same lie, to wit the 2012 attack on American diplomatic facilities was provoked by an Internet movie.

More on pulling strings, didn’t Dr. Jill Biden run on the expectation the she would be pulling Joey’s strings?

Then as to Speaker Pelosi, where is the talk of the 25th Amendment and the letter to Vice President?

Lastly, were is Madan Vice President?  It is not like her Senate is producing any kind of legislation.