Well the whole thing was for a photo app anyway. Like I said the other day, the only government program the Democrats don’t like is the military.

Until such time as they’re useful to protect their cushy jobs and their power.

But make no mistake people, to Democrats the military are second-class citizens:

Thousands of National Guardsmen descended on the Capitol and surrounding buildings after the riots at the Capitol earlier this month. They were there as a show of force and to discourage anyone who was thinking about a repeat performance during the inauguration. You probably remember seeing photos of guard members packed in various hallways and lobbies at the Capitol:

Something apparently changed today. The NY Times reports the Guard was kicked out of the Capitol and surrounding buildings and sent to sleep in a parking garage:

“Two Guard soldiers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that they had been given no explanation as to why they were being relocated early Thursday afternoon, and said that they were without electrical power, heat and adequate restroom facilities.

One Guard soldier estimated that there were 1,000 of them sharing a single portable restroom stationed outside of the parking garageā€¦

The two Guard soldiers said that their fellow soldiers were breathing in exhaust fumes because the garage at the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center was still in use as a parking facility, and that the soldiers there came from the Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee afnd Alabama National Guard.”

One really must wonder if angering military personnel so early on was the appropriate thing to do.

On the other hand, it does strike me as being pure Democrat and consistent with their dislike and disrespect of the military.