When you see government agencies screaming about “stop the spread”, demanding you wear masks, “social distance” etc, it’s not because they actually give a flying poop about you… Whether or not you get sick, or your quality of life. They’re trying to cover their own backsides, making sure that healthcare resources are not overstressed…. Healthcare resources they themselves limited.

(Always remember that when government runs healthcare, every healthcare decision is a political one.)

It ends up coming down to a

politician saving his cushy little gig… And if they don’t have the medical resources to keep your loved ones alive, so be it. If that means grandma doesn’t get any visitors, so be it. If that means businesses closed all over the country and the economy is crippled, so be it. The government has its priorities after all.

Back in the mid-90s the Democrats liked to claim that the Republicans were pushing Grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair. Effectively that’s what’s going on here, except it’s at the hands of the Democrats who have been aching and working non-stop toward a government takeover of healthcare.

It’s their planning that limited healthcare and put us in the situation where we are unable to respond properly to a large influx of patients.

The truth is, you can’t stop the spread, all you can do is slow it down a little. Government cannot and will not protect you from a virus. Eventually everyone on the planet is going to be exposed to this thing in one form or another. There are no exceptions.

By the way, did you guys happen to notice the Supreme Court ruling as regards Cuomo’s dictatorial covid-19 nonsense?

It would appear that at least a few of the Supreme Court justices can still read the Constitution.

Meanwhile, I find this study very interesting…it appears that there have been absolutely no excess deaths from covid-19.

Addendum Eric:

Of course, the study has now been deleted. Apparently it’s not to somebody’s advantage. Seems to me I’ve heard that this kind of thing before.