According to reports I’m seeing the official numbers of people who have left New York City since March to take up life elsewhere in the country easily tops 300,000 people. Since some of those numbers are change of address which could include entire families the number is in all likelihood much higher period some estimates I see as high as 750,000.

I know people that have spent their entire lives in New York City never having traveled outside of it for more than a day or two, who are now considering leaving the place permanently.

I’ve spoken with moving companies and what they tell me is precisely the same thing I’m hearing on local news in NYC… Existing moving trucks are booked until at least mid-june.

Reasons officially listed for this mad rush to the exits? 

Everything being closed down, and covid-19. The real reason, of course, is government, which has both mishandled the coronavirus, and has shut everything down. In this case, specifically, Cuomo the lesser, and de Blasio the communist. Because of those two idiots, crime is through the ceiling, (NYPD being throttled as it is) disease is rampant, taxes are outrageous, and the price of everything is through the roof. All of these can be directly laid on the lap of government both city and state.

I grant you that 750,000 people in terms of New York City doesn’t seem all that large, and can likely be counted as one city block.the thing is, this Exodus shows no sign whatsoever of slowing down anytime soon.

One can only hope that the New Yorkers that have finally reached the international “enough” line, and have made for the exits don’t bring their Democrat party voting habits with them thereby turning wherever they move to into the same hell that they escaped.