First of all let’s remember that the covid-19 virus was cooked up in a lab in China.

Let’s also remember that the Democrats have always been in China’s pocket

So along comes Grandpa Gropes, saying that he plans to shut the entire country down including just about everybody for 6 weeks. He makes the claim that this will help the economy.

Well it doesn’t make sense on the surface, this claim, but let’s dig in.

I’ve been saying all along that the virus would basically disappear along about the time that the election came along. We even have several Democrats on file linking the two events. We either vote for basement joe, or you’ll never get out of the lockdowns. Gretchen Whitmer for one.

It would have disappeared by now too, assuming that we weren’t all playing “stay behind the mask”. that nonsense is kind of like novocaine which doesn’t deaden pain it merely postpones it. What we did … All we did..
was we postponed the demise of the disease as a problem.

Even so, covid19 has about run its course. In another 6 weeks regardless what else happens, it will no longer be a factor. So in doing this, Basement Joe gets to shut down the economy, claim that it’s all Trump’s fault, and then claim that he fixed the whole problem, and when he opens things up again the economy takes off,comparatively speaking…. After being nearly dead for a year because of this nonsense, it could hardly do otherwise.

It’s a clever move, but rather transparently fraudulent.

It’s also premature, given that the election is hardly a settled question yet.

The Democrats fully understand that point too. Didn’t anybody notice that all of a sudden, when the election did not come out with a clear winner, suddenly there were spikes of covid-19 in the reporting of the MSM?

Now what do you suppose could cause that?