Here you go kids. There’s something in this for everyone.

Undeniable truths:

# There is no such thing as civilized warfare. War is, by definition the lack of civility, the lack of rules. The rules and the definition of civility are invariably decided by the victor.

# When speaking the truth becomes objectionable, be very suspicious about those who object.

# Remember whatever Adolph Hitler did, everything that Joseph Stalin did, everything Mao did, up to and including the millions of dead, was absolutely legal by the laws in their respective countries. Law, therefore, is not the final arbiter what is and is not moral.

# Donald Trump did not bring division to this country. He was elected because division was already here, brought on by Decades of the establishment of both parties moving in precisely the wrong direction.

# Heaven has walls, and gates and a very specific set of rules for anyone wishing to enter. You must be of a specific mindset. Hell, meanwhile, has an open borders policy and will take anyone regardless of their mindset.

# The biggest single mistake that we have ever made as a country, a culture, a people… Was to turn the education of our young over to the government. Ultimately, if we don’t reverse that and soon, that choice will destroy us.

# People who are not taught the value of individual freedom, and its relationship with prosperity and morality and limited government, will never believe in it, and will eventually work to destroy it.

# Socialism and globalism are being rejected by the people who are subjected to them every time it’s been tried. There’s a reason for that. Neither one actually works to the advantage of the people.

# Because a concept like Socialism or global warming has been disproven several times over does not by any means suggest that its backers will stop pushing those ideas. It’s all they’ve got to go with.

# If you want to know who runs your life, look directly at those who you may not criticize.

# Today’s feminism, isn’t.
For proof of this one need look no further than the large number of self-proclaimed feminists who spend a great deal of time trying to look like men.

Additionally, the reason most feminists claim to hate men is because they surround themselves with liberal men who in the final analysis are not men at all, really.

# There are two Sexes. Male and female. You can have all the operations you want, but it won’t matter… your DNA is not going to change. The surgical blade is not a means by which one can run away from the reality of ones self. It’s interesting how the left refuses to follow the science on this one.

# Claims to the contrary not withstanding, because one is of the Republican Party does not make one a conservative. Remember, the establishment GOP wasn’t too happy about Reagan winning elections either, and have subsequently gone well out of their way to erase his legacy.

# At the same time, John F Kennedy wouldn’t want anything to do with the Democratic party of today. Indeed it’s a wonder is that the Democrats hold Kennedy to be an icon of the party at all. Think: When’s the last time you saw a Democrat mention the man?

# The proximate cause of most of our problems is the establishment of both parties, who have come to love the power of government too much. ..more than is good for the upkeep of the principles put forward in the American Revolution… Principles we desperately need to return to if we are to survive as a nation, a culture, a people.

# Indeed, the most glaring lesson taught us by the election of Donald Trump was that both parties rank-and-file are rejecting their own establishment. The rank-and-file voters recognize the dangerous situation we are in with both parties

# The rank-and-file of both political parties in this country come down to the right of anything that either party has coughed up in national elections for many years.

# The cause of World Peace would be best served by the removal of the United Nations from the planet.

# Anyone who waves the gun-control banner in the name of “safety” is an abject idiot and should be treated as such, including the “I love me” vest, and the rubber wallpaper.

# 90% of what gets passed off as racial issues are actually cultural in nature.

# A nation without borders ceases to be a nation, almost immediately. That is in fact the goal of pushing for open borders.

You’re welcome.