There’s no question in my mind.

I’m watching the debate, and I’m left with a rather startling conclusion… They’ve got enough Adderall in the “big guy” that he could concentrate orange juice by simply doing his Adam Schiff impersonation.

All the behavioral and physical earmarks are there.

As another observer put it this evening..

…psychotropic drugs dialate the pupils to the point of black eyes… very common with old people drugs… one step away from a chemical lobotomy… very common…

If you had any ideas at all that he was a short timer for the oval office because of his age, the stuff they keep pumping into him to make what laughingly passes for good public appearances isn’t doing him any favors. He simply can’t keep this up forever.

On the other hand I wouldn’t worry much about it. If the polling trends that I’ve been mentioning here for the last few months hold, he won’t have to.