Some things that occur to me as I go through my day…

# So, one becomes racist by refusing to vote for an 80-year-old White guy who told us all unabashedly that he held KKK Robert Byrd as a mentor… his words, not mine. Yeah, that makes sense.

# Would it surprise you to learn that there are people making money off of this coronavirus lockdown? Would it shock you to learn that one of those people is the architect of obamacare?

# Meanwhile, for all of the screaming and hollering about how there’s new coveted 19 infection cells out there, and we’re looking at more lockdowns, the fact is, Covid-19 death rates continue to fall.

# So what was Jeffrey Toobin so excited about?

# The Transcripts in the Ghislaine Maxwell case are to be released… maybe. Now the trick is, to make sure she survives long enough to testify. My money is on a mysterious heart attack.

# Funny thing, every time the left starts defending itself by claiming the charges against it are conspiracy theories, those conspiracy theories end up proving to be cold hard fact. Every single time.

# So Iran is now interfering in our elections? Supporting Biden, of course…

# I notice over at instapundant, John Tierney says: “NO, HE’S WOKE: Is the Pope Catholic? Francis’s new encyclical reads like a UN mission statement. He demonizes capitalism, and his ecological fundamentalism is more pagan than Catholic.

#Of course, George Soros pouring money into Catholic groups like the Jesuits for example, might have something to do with that. Meantime I keep waiting for this Pope to tell us all about how abortion is a sacrament of God.