The Associated Press ventured out of their bunker to take a field trip to Minneapolis to circa a miles from the local epicenter of the George Soros riots:

A week of civil unrest has led some Minneapolis residents near the epicenter of the violence to take steps to protect their homes and neighborhoods. They’ve stocked up on fire extinguishers and buckets, and formed scores of loose neighborhood watch groups — aided by a cluster of apps and social media — to share what they view as suspicious activity.

Style comments: notable the AP made only one mention of the evil so-called “assault rifle”.  It only used neutral racial tags, white, black, to refer to individuals and not populations.  It never used intentionally provocatory words such as vigilante or redneck.

Content comments: the neighborhood was reported as vigilant and still intact.  Unlike a politically hindered police force, local residents can’t be ordered to retreat from their home, nor are they so inclined.  The price of peace is eternal vigilance, and this is all the more important when local law enforcement is unavailable or unresponsive.

On the strategic level, Soros mobile mobs have been able to score tactical victories in city centers lacking in invested local citizens.  When they venture outside the metropolitan centers they find themselves out numbers, out gunned and out motivated.