Isn’t it interesting how cops will show up and arrest anyone entering a store without a mask,but not arrest people looting and burning that very same store to the ground?

Who was it who came up with the idea that burning and pillaging is an acceptable way to say “I’m a victim?”

Isn’t it interesting how we are told that believing survivors empowers us all, by the very same people who are defending Joe Biden?

Is there anything that George Floyd could have done to avoid that fatal situation? Like for example, not resisting arrest?

On that same subject, there was a police shooting last night in front of the Geneseo New York Wegmans. Basically, a truck driver was resisting arrest. Should I be surprised that there was no riots in Geneseo today?

Isn’t it interesting how the only thing that could possibly change the outcome of the 2020 election is a pandemic, and presto change-o we have one?

If Joe Biden can’t remember the words to sentence he started then how in the world can you believe that he is a culprit in starting the new world order?

If the state can’t count covid-19 deaths accurately, what in the world makes anyone think they’re going to be able to count votes accurately when they come in by mail?

After nearly four years of the Russia collusion fraud from the Democrats, why is anyone taking any of their claims seriously anymore?