# Funny thing…. With this Kung Flu thing spreading, I haven’t heard many people championing open borders.

# Speaking of which, I see the Democrats are complaining that the CDC is underfunded, and that the Trump Administration doesn’t have a plan for dealing with the virus. First of all that’s what we pay the CDC for, to the tune of 20 billion dollars in 2019. if you think 20 billion dollars a year is underfunded, you might be a Democrat.

# Give Kung Flu credit for one thing. President Trump has been trying to convince manufacturers to separate themselves from communist China as a supply chain. Single sourcing is simply put, stupid. The virus has managed to put an exclamation point on all of that.

# Last night’s Democrat primary dog and pony show was a laugh riot. Joe Biden was his usual reality- disconnect itself, for one thing, claiming that he had worked with a Chinese diplomat on the climate change proposals, but the fact check showed that he had died some ten years before that. He also claimed that half of America had died from gun violence. Well, I suppose there’s precedent there…does anyone remember Hillary Clinton claiming that she’d been working with Eleanor Roosevelt?

# I figure it’s a matter of time before one of the other Democrats decides to start using Randy Newman’s song “short people”as campaign music. Mini- Mike was unavailable for comment.

# The most obvious fact about the Democrats proclaiming their support for gun control is that they plan to do something with governmental power that you would want to shoot them for.

# We’ve been seeing complaints from the Democrats about the lack of civility, and the complaints of all been directed at Trump and his supporters. Well, anyone who watch last night’s supposed debate, should be able to easily see where the lack of civility is coming from. It looked … And sounded… for all the world like a schoolyard brawl.