davidl on January 6th, 2020

What do you do with a problem called the Federal Bureau of Investigatino, from Margot Cleveland, Federalist: Shortly after the release of the special counsel report last year, I posited that Robert Mueller’s failure to investigate whether Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election by feeding dossier author Christopher Steele disinformation established that Mueller was […]

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davidl on January 6th, 2020

Now who I am to tell a famous rock star like Meat Loaf what to think, and say, about the spoiled climate brat Scoldilocks, b/k/a Greta Thunberg? Meat Loaf: Rock Legend Meat Loaf Says Greta Thunberg ‘Has Been Brainwashed’ and the Snowflakes Freak Out […]While some might say he’s just saying the obvious, rock star […]

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davidl on January 6th, 2020

With San Fran Nan, b/k/a Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, promising to invoke the War Powers Act to protect the capital of state sponsored terrorism, Iran, and the media caterwauling about President Donny’s threat to strike Iran’s cultural targets, Liz Sheld gives us a pity little target list: Two dozen missiles or bombing sorties […]

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Watch the opening monologue from the Golden Globes, as delivered by Ricky Gervais. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. After this, he’ll probably never get any work in Hollywood again. Then again, he’ll be making substantially more on the comedy circuts than will, for example, George Lopez, who for the life of him, still […]

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