Just some thoughts that have occurred to me over the past 48 hours or so. These are the thoughts that I haven’t fully fleshed-out into a full article but that I think still deserve mention.

# If money in politics was the problem, if elections could be bought, Donald Trump wouldn’t be in the White House. He was seriously outspent by Hillary Clinton to the point where the Democrat party is still financially recovering. By the same token, that magnificent moron, Bloomberg, for all his money, can’t seem to find any traction. Money is not the problem in politics.

# The Democrat argument against investigating Joe Biden and other Democrats involved in Ukraine doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.

What is the Democrat party’s argument here? Are they saying that because A is a political opponent of B, that B’s criminal history should not be investigated? If that’s to be their argument then what is the basis of the prosecution of Donald Trump?

#I have written in these spaces often enough about the subject of morality. In my most recent writings on the subject I skirted the issue of how we arrive at morality As I as I have said in previous writings, Stalin Hitler Pol Pot Che Guevara, Mao, and so many more all operated under the illusion that their actions were in response to a moral imperative… and yet, the number of dead behind them are staggering. so, now we see Democrats operating outside the law for what they consider to be their moral imperative.

#By the way, Daniel Best didn’t kill himself Neither did Thomas Bowers. There seems to be something of a pattern developing here. Jeffrey Epstein was unavailable for comment.