Several things going on over the last couple of days. I’ll try to touch on them all here.

* This is probably the best summary of what the Democrats have been successful in doing so far as regards their attempted coup.

* Am I the only one who’s noticed? Every time the Democrats take it on the chin, as they did yesterday in the supposed impeachment hearing, we end up with another school shooting. It’s getting to be very predictable.

* Here’s another thing that the Democrats have been getting wrong for years. it’s almost knee-jerk, you hear them screaming every election cycle about how money in politics is the problem. Somebody with a lot of money can buy their way into politics, goes the fairy tale. Well, not so fast. Tom Steyer has been spending 67% of all TV ad buys in this race and is still polling at 1%. I mean, forgive me, but if I’m to take these figures seriously it would seem that money in politics isn’t the issue. Vodkapundit has the details.

* I’ve been making lots of comments lately about how China is in some serious financial hot water. my sources on this have been rather limited until now. frankly we can thank Mister Trump for tightening the noose.

* I want to take a moment to thank Art Smith for so diligently seeing to it that this site is well maintained.

* Parting shot: