Just some things that came up over the weekend while I was doing other things besides writing…

# With the way the Democrats have been going I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if when President Trump finally gets around to releasing his tax returns, the guy is owed a refund.

# If all those leftists supporting Greta Thunberg are so anti oil energy, why is it that so many of them work for Ukrainian gas and oil companies, particularly when they have no demonstrated talent for it? It perhaps this is why.

And why for that matter, is self acknowledged environmental expert Greta Thunberg cruising back to Spain on a petroleum powered yacht?

# It’s a measure of desperation to see the Long knives come out for Elaine Stefanik. I thought we were supposed to believe all women? If that’s true then why is CNN posting fake photographs of her?

# What’s this I hear about Jeremy Corbyn… yes, he of the party who is desperately trying to keep the British in the oneworldish EU… teaching his anti-semitic supporters how to beat charges of anti-semitism in a secret Facebook group? Hey Facebook, is this the kind of community standards you were talking about?

# Speaking of Facebook, there seems a commonality between them and Adam Schiff… They’ve learned well the lesson that teaches us when you want to promote a lie you must first silence the voices of Truth.