First, comes news that the faux Hispanic, is dropping out of the race for the Democrat party nomination:

Tucker Carlson addressed this:

Even though he never polled well, he always had a group of diehard fans, like an indie rock band that wasn’t very good, but it was considered cool.

Many of those fans were crushed by Beto’s failure. According to CBS’ Ed O’Keefe, and his network was asked not to interview O’rourke’s crestfallen volunteers. They should stop and be ‘respectful’ because the volunteers are ‘very vulnerable right now.’ In the end, Beto’s campaign was exactly what you would expect it to be. It was a constellation of shallow fragile dumb people talking to themselves.”

Then we see Kamala Harris also on the edge of dropping out:

Harris’ excuses for her campaign’s collapse are particularly amusing. She claims that the reason she’s failing is because people aren’t ready for a ” woman of color” to be president. Thing is, though, since this is the primary, not the general, the voters she’s complaining about are, each and every one of them, DEMOCRATS. With the totality of the Democrats all trying to out-“woke” each other, and these two arguably being the more successful at it, and the result being the death of their campaigns, can the warning signs about what will happen at the ballot box, be any more clear?