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Random Shots

Record labels: There was a time when they used to mean something. If nothing else, it was a filing system for my over-large record collection.

They set the mood for what you were about to listen to. With the Advent of the CD and the more or less demise of viny, the labels started being significantly less important. There was certainly less of a platform to put liner notes on. With the Advent of downloading and no hints of physicality involved in the replaying of music the importance of the appearance have a record and the package it comes as close to zero as no matter. I can’t help but think the music enthusiast has lost more than they gained in the digital age because of that lack of physicality…. that lack of something to hold in your hand.

If you ever get a chance to play poker with Adam Schiff, remember that his eyes get bigger when he’s bluffing.

The implications for the news of the day should be obvious. He’s got nothing, and he’s betting from a busted flush.

Speaking of which, with the news yesterday that the investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax has become a criminal investigation, (as I wrote yesterday) [1] the stock market is going up a hundred and fifty three points. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the market on Monday.

As for the criminal investigation, I’m still far from convinced that they’ll be any serious consequences coming out of this for the Democrats, but the panicked way they are acting suggests that they think there will be. I’m cautiously optimistic there. I’ll tell you the truth, nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to see Adam Schiff frog marched in front of the cameras on his way to the vertical bar hotel but honestly, Adam Schiff is not the problem, he is a symptom of the problem.

By the way, this stuff is all going to end up coming to a head precisely when I said it would… October or November of next year.

Fall Colors: Because of a minor schedule screw up I ended up taking a trip into Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut the last several days. In the doing I got a chance to see the Fall colors at their peak in those areas.

The views were spectacular to say the least and with the exception of the spectacular lack of truck parking in those States I actually had a good time. Random chance provided simple pleasure then I got paid for it, too. I won’t complain.