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737Max, And the Price of “green”

Funny how seldom this angle [1] even gets mentioned, much less headlined:

The 737 MAX was trumpeted as “Boeing’s game changer.” It reduced emissions by 14 percent and Boeing raced it into production to compete with a climate-friendly new offering from Airbus.

But in order to achieve its green goal, Boeing had to use much bigger engines that didn’t fit in the usual position under the wing of the repurposed, 53-year-old 737 design.

The engines had to be moved forward and hoisted higher.

As a result, the aerodynamics changed, and the planes had a tendency to pitch up and potentially stall on takeoff. Boeing’s solution to this hardware defect was an imperfect software bandage that would automatically correct the pitch. In both crashes, preliminary investigations found this software kicked in even when the plane wasn’t stalling, with lethal consequences.

So, once again, the Green nonsense claims not only jobs, but lives. but nobody will ever dare say anything about this in the mainstream media for fear of the Green Mafia.

Personally I’m still waiting for somebody trying to develop a battery powered airplane.