davidl on September 30th, 2019

Has Mrs. Clinton turned over a new leaf and toned down her lust to get a second chance at the White House china? I suggest no. Yet Mrs. Clinton apparent gesture towards Slow Joe, Joseph Biden(creep – Delaware) could be seen as sign of Christian charity. Then it could be an Clinton style attempt throw […]

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davidl on September 30th, 2019

The Snark of the Day, Joseph Biden, a/k/a Slow Joe, is running to be the elected leader of the free world. Yet for a leader, Slow Joe doesn’t show much, if any, courage. From Mary Chastain, Legal Insurrection: Giuliani appeared on CBS and ABC on Sunday morning. Those networks asked Biden to come on the […]

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The Washington Times is telling us: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday the committee is moving forward with its impeachment inquiry into President Trump and will hear from the inspector general again this week, as well as five State Department officials. He also said he is negotiating with the whistleblower’s attorneys so the […]

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