A collection of thoughts over the last few days…

# In watching the output on Facebook, it appears that the vast majority of Americans who are trying to impeach Trump were, just mere months ago chasing Pokemon.

The reason Netanyahu has lasted as long as he has is because truth will win out. Israel has spent many decades bending over forward trying to accommodate these murderous bastards and getting nowhere for their trouble. Indeed, I made mention of this in my very first post,and none of it has changed.

At Clinton’s insistence, Barak offered Arafat the keys to the kingdom; just about all of the West Bank and Gaza, plus East Jerusalem and even Palestinian sovereignty over the Temple Mount. How do the peace loving Palestinians respond? Yasser Arafat turned it all down, and gave us another few nights of headlines, filled with kids in the street throwing stones, and being shot, occasionally. He also sent his armed forces, (You recall, they’re supposed to be policemen?) to fire at the Israelis, apparently hoping for an excuse to tell the rest of the world how Israel is a war-mongering nation.

Of course that should have been a signal to about anyone with a brain that he didn’t give a damn about peace. All he and his followers are interested in is the destruction of Israel.

# The nationalist/ small government movement is a worldwide movement. It is notable that the majority of the politicians active in the EU legislature are politicians who have been sacked in the legislators of their native countries.

# Bruce McQueen mentioned this… I don’t know… perhaps a week ago, if America is such a racist country why do leftists have to invent fake hate crimes? The answer of course is because the demand for racism to support leftist arguments exceeds the actual supply.