Kristen Gillibrand is no longer running for President.

The first of the major names to drop out of the 2020 Democrat Party race for the nomination, would seem to confirm everything I’ve said about who will make it through this race to the nomination.

Christian Gillibrand announcing her dropping out

Despite playing the gender card to the max, she simply couldn’t gain enough traction among the loudest of the snowflakes.

(Yeah, I know, mixing metaphors. I promise you it won’t be the last time.)

Here’s the thing:

I can pretty much guarantee you that about half the Democrat Party didn’t even know Kristen Gillibrand was even in the race.

And that point goes directly to my suspicion that the entirety of this race for the nomination is being managed and directed, by people who do not really represent even the majority of the Democratic Party.

Which leads us to the logical conclusion that anyone who makes it past the nomination process will never make it through the general election.