I keep coming back to this point because I consider it to be the largest indicator of the motivations of the Democrats for pushing for the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think this cannot be over- emphasized ….every single Republican president since Eisenhower has suffered under an impeachment attack by the Democrats.

That kind of history does more or than anything else to put the LIE to the idea that this impeachment push is motivated by anything but a Democrat party power grab.

A logical extension of that is, the question of whether or not over the span of time since Eisenhower, it was ever anything other than a pure power grab. I am forced to conclude the answer to that question is no.

There are a large number of people who are catching on to this idea, which is one of the reasons that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been fighting against pursuing impeachment. Pelosi understands as that the more people that catch on to that trend and come to the conclusion that I have mentioned above the worse the thrashing will be that the Democrats will take in 2020, likely losing the House in a fashion that will make Democrat losses in 1994 look minor by comparison.

There is one other factor that Pelosi is calculating with that the remainder of the Democratic caucus is not. Indeed, most of the press isn’t either. The sword of Damocles which is hanging over the Democrats necks at the moment is the inspector general’s report. That report has not been released yet, though I suspect it’s going to be released at the proper time. Pelosi suspects, and I concur that there is some seriously damning evidence against the Democrats and their actions in 2016 and subsequently, that is contained in that report evidence which will put the lie to everything the Democrats have been pitching for the last four years, anyway, and probably longer.

Granted that Pelosi may not be the brightest bulb in the circuit, but she’s at least smart enough to understand it’s a little difficult to maintain an attempt to impeach the POTUS when everything that you’ve been saying for years is being shown as a complete and utter lie.

The IG report isn’t the only thing that’s due to come out very shortly, of course. Attorney General Barr is in the process of running his own investigation(s) into the investigators. We already know a good deal of just how dirty the Democrats have been in all of this but I suspect the worst is yet to come and I believe, so does Nancy Pelosi.

Using using the standard Democrats have applied to President Trump, I cannot prove the Nancy Pelosi is innocent in the dirty play that the Democrats have been foisted off on the American people, but I have great reason to suspect that she h deeply involved with it, mostly because she was among those who are most likely to gain by it. Pelosi understands the tale of Pandora and the box and she is acting desperately afraid of what might be inside of it and of the results of its contents being made public.

The point to all of this is of course that the Democrats simply can’t help themselves. They’ve been running this play for so long that they have no other arrows left in the quiver.

I regard the actions of the Democrats in their attempts to impeach the president as criminal.