We will start with this:

I am seeing absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever among Joe Biden supporters.


The reactions I have been seeing from Iowa voters to questions about it, suggest that those people feel they must vote for Biden, bad as he is, to keep the far-left wackjobs that predominate this primary, from getting the nomination.

The responses seem to fall basically into two categories.

Either A; the understanding is if one of the far-left loons actually wins the nomination, the Democrats have absolutely no chance whatsoever in the general election.

Or, B; The rank-and-file Democrat is not going to hold his nose and vote for the leftist whack jobs, under any circumstance. Strange’s it sounds for me to suggest that Democrats have anything like principles driving them, I suggest that’s what happened to Hillary Clinton particularly in places like Pennsylvania. The Democrats simply sat on their hands and wouldn’t vote for her.

So, while Biden says repeatedly and continuously, “I can beat Trump.”.. The fact is that isn’t true either. ..

Joe Biden lacks the dynamism that is required to unseat a sitting president. The only two occasions…. the only two people that have managed to do that are Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Joe Biden simply isn’t in that league.

Is baggage is far too great, is gaffs are far too pronounced, and he is clearly not far enough to the left to satisfy half the party.

While I’m afraid that I don’t share the childlike optimism of Rush Limbaugh which says Trump already has his re-election won. After all, there’s a long time between here and there and a great deal can happen. But in looking at the Democrats and looking at the history of this thing, (and keeping in mind the numerous investigations into the criminality surrounding the Democrats in the previous election… The results of which will be coming out before November 2020, as well as Trump’s approval numbers among blacks and Hispanics being higher then they have been for any Republican president in my memory with the possible exception of Reagan, I’d say the Democrats chances of winning the White House stand at somewhere south of 50%.