Interesting article in RealClearPolitics this morning. RCP is not known for being a right-wing site, certainly, but the left is certainly going to be rankled by this one:

Over the next few months, the public will finally see what kind of malfeasance there was. At least they will see some of it. Some will remain classified to protect sources and methods; some will be released only after criminal charges are filed. The initial evidence will come from two sources: a major report by DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and the steady declassification of underlying documents by AG Barr, who was given that task by the president. Barr needed that authority because the FBI and intelligence community are resisting disclosure with all their institutional power. They fear years of abuse will be exposed.

The pro Trump trends that we’ve been seeing will be reinforced once these facts come out.

It’s a little difficult to elect Democrats when the American voter is being treated to the spectacle of high-ranking Democrats from the previous administration being frog marched off to the vertical bar hotel… An event which seems likely at this point.

And the thing is, this isn’t anything new for the Democrats. I pointed out two things, one of which I pointed out many times in these spaces… Every single Republican president since Eisenhower has suffered under an impeachment attempt by the Democrats.

And secondly, note this classic headline…