Johnathan Turley writes that the liberal/media establishment was hoping for rescue from the Purgatory by the man- god they saw in Robert Mueller, a/k/a Fearless Leader

from Hill:

Very few mortals ever warrant such faith, except perhaps Robert Mueller. Washington has deified him by popular acclamation. The times demanded it. It was simply not enough to demonize Donald Trump. That was done throughout the 2016 campaign, with the notable assistance of Trump himself. However, you cannot have a villain without a countervailing hero. Evil needs a point of reference, and Mueller became that reference. While Trump is portrayed as bombastic, impetuous, and juvenile, Mueller is painted as stoic, reserved, and professional. Indeed, as every new filing undermined the common narrative of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, the commentators fell into a mantra of “just wait for Mueller.”


Mueller has to address several glaring problems with how he carried out his responsibilities, including his reported failure to identify grand jury material, as requested by Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which may have delayed the report.

The most troubling failure, however, was Mueller refusing to reach a conclusion on obstruction. He reached a conclusion on collusion and stated that his staff could “not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” He then stated that he would not reach a conclusion on obstruction, without explaining why beyond citing past Justice

I question the idea that Fearless Leader could ever be proclaimed as a deity. That said, Turley discovers, or admits, that Fearless Leader was not some sort of god, but he wasn’t even a competent attorney. Fearless Leader had a job to do, and spent some thirty-five million dollars and two years not doing it. A prosecutor has one job, either prosecute or STFU.