The Mueller report, such as we understand it at the moment, renders every single show that Rachel Maddow has done for the last 2 years, nothing more than fantasy. So the question now is, why does Rachel Maddow still have a job?

I mean, sure she’s upset, but what does she have anymore, but gnawing at the broken bones of old plots that she’s been telling us were Stone Cold fact because she wished they were true?

She can’t even go back to the militant feminist nonsense of “white men are the problem”, after so many years of trying to look like one.

I hear that Limbaugh has been saying we shouldn’t be celebrating the findings of the Mueller investigation. There wasn’t anything, after all, for them to find. And the fact is, I’m not, really.

What I am celebrating is the self-immolation of the liars in the left-wing press such as Maddow and the Democrats who’ve been playing this nonsense up for the last two years. Their comeuppance has finally arrived.

And look, it’s not just her, of course. In fact here’s a list of 50 such morons who deserve to have their pink slips delivered to them, as one would serve a subpoena.

I will point out to you that the people that are gnawing at their old bones right now, saying that we should wait until the full report is out, are the same ones who commanded that we believe Trump was a traitor to the country and was working with the Russians. They demanded we believe that, regardless that there weren’t any findings yet.

They did so for over 2 years, serving up what they wished was true as Stone Cold fact every night of the week. Every blessed one of them seem extremely annoyed that anyone, particularly somebody that was investigating it with all the might of the government behind it, would conclude otherwise.

Ponder that for a moment. They are annoyed because the president isn’t a traitor…

You see, the problem is that Mueller was on a fact-finding mission. Democrats have a tendency to ignore facts when they don’t run their way.

To that point, Charlie Kirk says it well.