A few short hits:

# I see Rahm Emanuel has changed from blaming Jusse Smollet for his actions to blaming President Trump. Apparently, Rahm Emanuel got a peek at his suicide note.

# Meanwhile, Smollet, for his part, is still trying to send the two Nigerian guys he paid to beat him up, to jail… for beating him up.. or something.

# If Adam Schiff has evidence that there was collusion or some kind of criminal activity between Trump and his people and Russia as he is currently loudly claiming, and he hasn’t given it to Congress and he hasn’t given it to the Mueller investigation, hasn’t turned it over to the FBI, doesn’t that constitute obstruction of justice?

# I am thoroughly amazed that crows are not on the endangered species list, given the number of them that Democrats have been having to eat lately.

# When are we going to recognize that so-called anti- discrimination policies are in fact pro- discrimination policies?

And let’s consider another question while we’re at it. Will muslim-owned businesses be excluded? When’s the last time you saw a Christian’s throwing homosexuals from rooftops? So what kind of a message is really being sent, here?