Writing over at The Spectator, Roger Kimball enumerates a number of the successes that Donald Trump has had these first two years, despite the uphill battle he’s had with the Democrats which includes, of course, the mainstream media.

He concludes the list by saying in part;

All sorts of things might happen to intervene against Donald Trump’s reelection.

Roger Kimball

But what we have just witnessed is perhaps the most stunningly successful first two years of any administration in history.

Well, yeah, probably.

Still, such measurements of success and failure, particularly in the political world, are relative measurements.

Frankly I find Trump’s success of these last two years to be a measurement of the quality of the administration before him. Perhaps more correctly, the lack of quality of the administration before him. Put another way, while Trump is not my ideal conservative, Trump is relatively successful these last two years to the precise degree that he has gone conservative, and to the precise degree that his predecessors have not.

Mind, when I speak of conservatism I’m not talking about Bill Kristol, and his questionably funded magazine. I am certainly not talking about the John McCain wing of the Republican Party, nor for that matter am I talking about the establishment of either party. Notice that these have been struggling mightily to limit the success of the current president. One gets the decided impression that Roger is not talking about them, either.  Indeed at the risk of being perceived as speaking for Roger on this, it’s my thought he agrees with me in thinking none of these can be considered any stripe of conservative at all.

That being said, it’s certainly hard to argue with Roger in that the level of Trump’s success these last two years makes his re-election more of a lock sure bet than a lot of people would like to think. The reason being is it only serves in that relative sense to expose their own failures and that of the policies that they espouse.

Which, in turn, is precisely why the Democrats, and the establishment GOP can’t seem to get this impeachment movement out from under their fingernails. If Democrats… And the establishment GOP are forced to argue in the forthcoming election based on how well their policies work, they know they’ll never get anywhere.

(Fun fact: , Did you know that every single Republican president since Eisenhower has faced and impeachment attempt from the Democrats? It’s not like this is anything new.)

Will Trump win in a landslide in 2020? It certainly looks that way from here, and I suppose time will tell. If that’s the outcome, I can certainly live with it. And more importantly, the country can as well.